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08-22-2000, 02:10 PM
Lisa Bell from the mail list (musegirl) took several very nice Fixx live photo's and told interesting news! I wanted to pass it along:


Hi Gang,

Yes, indeed, it's been a while since I have posted, but I have been
keeping up with the goings on here on the list. I just haven't had much
to add, I guess.

'Til now. ;-)

The recent shows down here in the vicinity of Southern California were
terrific, and, I believe, a great indicator of things to come. It was,
as always, a gift to get to visit with other listees, old friends and
new ones.

As many of you know from the website, on the last tour I had occasion to
take some photos that ended up on TheFixx.com. During the recent
stretch of shows I had an opportunity to have another go and some of the
results are now posted on the website at:

Happily, I had a lot more success this time and hope we'll be able to
put a pile of new pictures up in the next weeks. I hope you like them.
Jeff Dinkins does wonders with my scans and kindly puts them up. It
takes a lot of his time, which is at a premium. (Thanks Jeff! You rock.)
I also have to thank the band, who now see me coming with my intrepid
old Minolta and let me shoot. Of course, they are all fabulously
photogenic, which I know we all appreciate. :-)

The shows I attended were San Diego, Anaheim and Las Vegas. All terrific
shows. The guys seemed relaxed and also excited to be playing out. I
had occasion to chat in between snapping pictures and learned some
interesting things. It appears that they will be coming out again for
more dates in October and November. If they haven't come to your area
yet, hang tight. Their goal is to play around 150 dates a year. It's
probably good that you keep asking here on the list, as they do read it
and may take note of those areas where people have expressed an

Other tidbits. Rupert has been learning the cello this year. He
explained that he has often gravitated toward tones similar to the cello
when playing the keyboard and so now the real thing is very exciting to
him. He may try to sample some of his cello playing and try to use it
in a recording in future.

Chris Tait is very happy to be playing with the band again. He enjoys
the fact that being in music has given him the opportunity to travel and
see America.

Adam. What can I tell you? He cuts his own hair. You will notice from
the photos that his hair is quite a bit longer than it was on the last
tour. He recently cut it himself, to the chagrin of his kids, who may
be at that age where everything their parents do embarrasses them. It
looks great though, and complements him. He is bike riding now and
looking very fit.

Here's an interesting factoid. Jamie's guitar has a name. In all these
years, who would have guessed that the revered Shecter is referred to
as...Woody. ;-) He restrings Woody every night before a show, to
ensure the strings are less likely to break and the sound is more to his
liking. He has recently redone the frets on Woody also. They are a
shiny silver in the photos.

Cy is very excited about his upcoming solo album. He is investigating
lots of different ways to get it out there and market it. We should be
hearing more about it soon. He is also excited about thefixx.com website
and possibilities for doing more with it in the future.

Finally, a band story. When the guys played the Vegas show, they were
booked at a hotel a few doors down from Mandalay Bay, which is home to
the House of Blues. As sound check time approached, there was a bomb
scare on the Strip and the street was blocked. The guys had to go on
foot. Riding on an escalator down to the street, they spied themselves
on the big marquee outside the casino - and there they were, schlepping
their own gear on a day when it was easily 108 degrees. Of course, they
saw the irony of it. I think this illustrates one of the things we all
love about the band. No attitudes. No airs. Just great music.

Sorry this was a long post, Fixxtures. I will try to be more brief in

As always, good things,


Glad this wasn't a brief posting...


08-26-2000, 07:50 PM
Hope they come to MA or NY! Very good report!

09-02-2000, 03:47 AM
More news from the mail list by Brian Wible:


Fixxers and Fixxesses,
I have not posted in a while, but I like to write when I hear something
that has to do with the Fixx. I've had the link that's posted below for
some time. It's a great resource for upcoming CDs. If you've not heard
of it you should bookmark it! Well, I was surprised to see something
being released real soon called The Fixx "20th Century Masters: The
Millennium Collection" (MCA/UME, Oct. 17). There are other artists in
this series including Free, Glen Frey, The Tubes, The Jam, etc. I didn't
even know that this was coming out, but I imagine that this is just
another way that MCA is cashing in on our beloved band. Enjoy the posted
link! The HOB photos rocked!

P.S. I will be be updating the Fixx section on my site real soon. Check
for updates.

http://www.pauseandplay.com/cdfront.htm (http://www.[pauseandplay.com/cdfront.htm)


...and the HOB photo's Brian is referring to: http://www.fixx2000hob.deroos.org

Thanks Brian!


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09-07-2000, 01:57 AM
Another Fixx show in Northern California, mentioned on the mail list:


They'll be playing with Missing Persons, Berlin and Men at Work on the 21st of October. Tickets are $25. Check www.channel1049.com (http://www.channel1049.com) for more details! :-)



We want more! We want more!


12-22-2000, 04:13 PM
HOT NEWS from the mail list:


Just got off the phone with Adam, and he says that they'll be heading into the studio again January 10th! I'll post more news as I get it!



Great! What do you think, will Rupert use the cello?


12-24-2000, 10:06 AM
As an aside, Adam mentioned a while back that they'd be recording in New Jersey - not sure if thats still true or not (didn't have much time to talk to him on the phone, it sounded like he was cooking dinner for the rugrats!) http://www.thefixx.net/ubb/biggrin.gif

12-25-2000, 08:35 PM
The boys recorded in NJ a couple of days before the Long Island gig in NOVEMBER. Cy said they recorded a version of;" These boots are made for walking" for some horror-like movie. So I bet the odds are favorable that they might have had in the back of their minds ... a new studio location!

It's about time for another "mad-as hell-guitar driven release....ala "calm-calm-calm".....