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09-26-2003, 06:59 AM
Just seen the sad breaking news about the sad demise of Robert Palmer of a heart attack aged 54, in Paris. A true gent who will be sadly missed.


09-26-2003, 12:50 PM
That picture is very eerie. Is that Robert in his casket???

09-26-2003, 01:49 PM
It is eerie, I know, picture was taken from Sky news website, sad day for music, really is, that guy was so talented.

09-27-2003, 01:15 AM
I've always loved many of his songs, especially:

"Every Kind of People", "I Didn't Mean to Turn you On", and his remake of Rundgren's "Can we still be friends"

a great talent

09-27-2003, 09:42 PM
I was quite bummed about that news yesterday too. He was so young (as was John Ritter). What a shocker. I loved his songs, but I also loved The Power Station. That was what really got me interested in his work. I haven't listened to those albums in years. (Don't have a turn table anymore.) I am now going to have to invest in his cd's. I had forgotten about him too, as he faded away. Anyone know the circumstances other than a heart attack?

09-28-2003, 05:51 AM
OH! I saw a gang of his videos yesterday on VH1 Classic, but I had no idea he was gone. Ooh wee. But we are supposed to rejoice when someone goes home, you know? I know it's a hard concept to get used to, but the time we should be weeping is when a child is born into this cruel world, and rejoice when they depart from it. Human frailty is the condition we accpeted when we first took our breath of life outside the womb. Just thought it would help hearing that. When I lost my uncle this summer, I didn't weep. I was so happy he wasn't in pain anymore, and didn't want to be the reason he held on to life even though he was in so much pain. It's a cliche, but if you love someone, set them free. I loved Robert Palmer's work too. Magnificent voice will be singing with the angels now. Good.

09-28-2003, 08:36 PM
Precious said:
But we are supposed to rejoice when someone goes home, you know? Magnificent voice will be singing with the angels now.

I agree, but as a believer, you can only get to heaven through Jesus. So I pray he was right with the Lord.


09-29-2003, 03:39 AM
Having a "remember Robert day" listening to my vast collection of his work from his early seventies (I think) "Vinegar Joe" days through my favourite album which I always thought was "Pride", but listening now I also have so many other favourites like "Clues"and the wonderfully atmosheric "Riptide". I sort of lost interest during the Power Station years but they sound okay in retrospect. He was one of the most soulful singer/songwriters to emerge from the northwest of England. Thank Griff he left his music. Mmmmm.