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Slush Queen
02-05-2001, 11:16 AM
This is Dawn from the band SLUSHPUPPY.
We were delighted and honored to share the stage with THE FIXX in NJ at Maxwell's. They were as amazing as ever and Jamie and Rupert were even cool enough to spend some time before their set listening to our music. I almost fainted when Rupert told me how much he enjoyed my vocie and our songs. They ROCK and they have CLASS !!!! They have that comfort level on stage only had by the true veterans of our industry.

To clear up some comments posted here. The Fixx were added at the last minute to the bill at Maxwells. There was less then 72 hours to promote it and that's why nobody knew about them playing. This is also why there were 3 "opening bands" -- those bands WERE the bill before The Fixx joined us. But I also think the FIXX wanted it this way... they wanted a low key thing to warm up before they hit the road again.

It would have definitely been nice to have more Fixx fans there. But for the 100 of us that were there we got a "private and personal" concert. It was AWESOME !!!!!

Hey guys, if you're out there. SLUSHPUPPY would love to open for you ANYTIME !!!!!

Dawn from Slushpuppy

02-06-2001, 11:53 AM
Hi there Slush Queen! I'll be sure to pass your message along to the boys.