View Full Version : The State Of Joe Perry's *** -- 1982

06-18-2004, 06:51 AM
It was 1982, and Joe had an ugly *** back then

I didnt touch it, didnt want to, and I didnt see it for long either, but I saw it .. plain as day, and it was all white and hairy and scrawny

It was back in the days when Joe was a junky, he was doin' the Joe Perry Project thing and he was in town, he was playin at a place that used to be up the road here called Colemans Rodeo, ya thats right .. a rodeo right here in Central New York, but thats the way it was here in 82 because everyone was so damned bull-ride crazy back then, anyway...

I met Joe when he came in, he was in a hurry .. he looked short and anemic, and he kinda seemed like he really had something on his noggin' besides talking to some hick like me.

But I met Joe Perry .... wow

So were hanging around the place, waiting and thinking maybe we'll get ta see Joe some more before sound check, I remember eventually we needed a place to smoke a little bit, so the owners son took us upstairs, and so we go .. upstairs .. and then down the hall .. and then he opens a door .. and then we walk in .. and....

.... theres JP's ***, getting busy with some gal named Starr, Joe obviously didnt know her rep, but then again, in his state that moment, he probably wouldnt have cared because he had his stuff laying right there on the table, and that stuff is scary looking:eek:

.. to this day I still wonder if he even knew we were standing there .. either way I'll never forget the day I say Joe Perrys *** and then some

ya Joe is my man, but Joe was not at his best that night, or that year, or two, but I give the guy credit ..

..he's definitely done alright with himself..

.. take a look at the state of Joe's *** now...................



Joe has his own hot sauce....


Here he is making a new batch....

Joe has plenty of geetars now....

and cars, heres one of many....
2002 VIPER, 10 Cyl. GTS Coupe, Car # 357 of The Last Edition Vipers Built, Factory Fresh with under 1000 miles, for $70,000 Joe will sell it to ya, autographed

and heres his wife .... woah!! ....

JP had it all, and lost it, and then got it all back again in spades, but it was not easy, I have nothing but respect for JP

06-18-2004, 10:15 PM
Hey Octo,

It doesn't sound like much laundry or job searching went on today.


06-18-2004, 10:31 PM
Joe's hot sauce ROCKS! It's got chipotles as well as habaneras, so it has a nice smoky flavor as well as heat. Great for ribs and jack cheese omelets. WaHOOOO!

Reminds me, I need to order more...thanks, Octo!

06-18-2004, 11:20 PM
Hello Octo,

You know I love you man.


06-19-2004, 05:14 AM
from Fixxation....
It doesn't sound like much laundry or job searching went on today.

no laundry, but dont assume to much here please, about 30 apps and resumes went out, I can cover far more ground online than in spinning wheels, I need to get rid of this damned dial-up though its like crawling

I have an interview in Syracuse Tuesday, Network Tech at one of the hospitals, wish me luck

my problem is with the tech downturn Im competing against people with more experience and education than me, people that are applying for these same jobs because they lost a job that may have been secure 5-10 years ago

regardless of what I find myself doing eventually it is nice to know that this machine is now my toolbox, and it no longer intimidates me, education is never a waste