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Bruce R. Beaman
05-05-2001, 08:47 PM
Hello to everyone on the Fixx MB,

I'll copy below a message I sent to the lighthouse mailing-list a few days ago, as a bit of an introduction to those of you whom I don't yet know. Happy to be here with you.

I've been away from this list for some time (a year or perhaps even more),
and so return to the fold like the prodigal son, with apologies for my

I hadn't caught up with news about the band until today when I went to the
official and unofficial websites to look around, and while there saw the
2001 tour schedule. I almost fell off my chair (and peed in my pants) when I
saw that The Fixx are coming to my town.

"Yeah, so?" you say, The Fixx go to lots of places. Indeed they do, but not
usually to small towns in central Wisconsin. It was with great excitement
that I read The Fixx will be here on Friday, 29 June. After lo, these many
years, I'll be able to see the lads in concert.

This means a great deal to me, more than you may know. Like old wine, I
don't travel well, so even when the boys have been in Milwaukee or
Minneapolis or Chicago, I've not been able to go and see them. I assumed I'd
therefore never get to see them, and would just have to be content with the
albums and my old video copy of The Fixx in the USA.

But, by God, they're coming to little ol' Stevens Point, Wisconsin. I can
hardly believe it.

"Riverfront Rendezvous" is an annual event held on the week-end nearest the
Fourth of July, in a park along the Wisconsin River. There's music, food,
fireworks, a boat parade, etc., etc. (and, of course, beer--this IS
Wisconsin, after all). Attracts thousands of people and around here it's a
Very Big Deal.

I hope some of you Fixxtures in the midwest plan to come. If anyone needs
maps, hotel information, or whatever, do feel free to ask me. And I hope we
can all meet at the show--I'll tie a bunch of helium balloons to my hat or
something so you'll know who I am and we can rally together for the concert.
Come to think of it, the balloons won't be necessary--just look for the man
with the biggest smile on his face.

I'm a happy guy.

Bruce R. Beaman

05-05-2001, 11:34 PM
Welcome back (err... welcome aboard?) Bruce!! Glad to have you here!


05-06-2001, 02:35 AM
I know how you feel Bruce. Back in the 90's i kinda thought the boys had split for good, but then i got into the online thing around mid 97 and found out the mini Happy Landings tour was kicking off just a couple days away at a club in Utica NY, about 10 miles from my house. That was the beginning 2 days of total anticipation and one perfect night that im glad i didnt miss! http://www.thefixx.net/ubb/smile.gif


Welcome Back (think John Sebastion here),

05-11-2001, 02:58 PM
That is so true. Without the net I know I wouldn't know jack about what the Fixx were doing today. After Ink I was also one of those who thought they vanished. But now I see them surpassing the Stones http://www.thefixx.net/ubb/smile.gif

05-12-2001, 08:23 AM
It is so nice to have another Fixxture join us, especially one who is so pumped up for the band. http://www.thefixx.net/ubb/smile.gif Welcome! Kat