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Mick Warwell
02-10-2006, 12:34 AM
I've been researching the U.S. and U.K. chart history for The Fixx for all albums and singles on all charts including hot 100 singles, mainstream rock , modern rock, clubplay, etc. I have most of it including all the weekly positions reached and the dates and so forth. I plan on posting it at at some point for those interested.

But before I do there are still some stats that are missing or in dispute that I am still looking into. I thought I'd use this thread to present a few of them to see if anyone out there has a definitive answer on them.

For instance, I found a press release that claims that "Deeper and Deeper" (though never released as an A side single) did manage to stay for 12 weeks at #1 on the mainstream rock chart. Billboard summaries I have seen do not state this though perhaps the lack of an A side single for the song kept it from being properly tracked in that summary. I don't doubt it was a big rock hit. I remember it got some airplay. But it was omitted from Billboard's online chart stats for some reason.
The press release site link is :

Anyone know anything about this?

Also looking for the dates and peak of the Jellybean Benitez remix of "One Thing" in 2000 on the clubplay chart. It went top five but how high did it peak?

Anyone have access to the specific chart dates and positions for the modern rock and mainstream rock charts from '82 to '91? For a band some mistakenly remember as a new-wave synth pop one-hit wonder, isn't it funny that they had no less than 13 songs enter the U.S. mainstream rock chart!