View Full Version : San Diego show on MP3!

Andy Bee
07-01-2001, 07:39 PM
Hi Andy Bee, from X-Cel FM here,
just keeping you updated on the progress of the Fixx/Rupert Greenall "special" it's going well, my program controller has penciled in "broadcast" date for mid July and after working on the edit, I've a snippet of info, that I think Fixx fans need to know, especially our American friends,

Rupert indicated to me that the San Diego gig (assume 9/8/01?) is to be recorded/broadcast "live" via MP3!
so come on San Diego fixx fans, ensure theres a good audience "reception" for the lads!

Having in my possesion 3 tracks from the forthcoming "hollywood ending" album is a real honour and although the plan is to use them in the "special" I have so far played "Wizard of Wonder" and "Hollywood Ending" in my evening radio show (both went down well!) and Rupert has confirmed that this is a world exclusive, first time "airing" on radio anywhere in the world, wow!
I have as yet not played "Boots" the plan is for now, to keep this exclusive to the "Special"

any further developments, will keep you posted

you've buzzed with the bee!