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08-20-2000, 01:21 PM
This is probably nothing but i was just listening to Walkabout and noticed something that has puzzled me just a tiny bit over the years whenever Iv'e taken note of it. Has anyone ever wondered why some of the letters in walkabout on the cover,the first a and the o, are a different shade than the others? I know some CD's have the secret song, and Iv'e read there was a contest or something along the lines of a search for a hidden message in the album when it first came out. Why just those letters? Is there something here i don't know about or is it just something random done just make the cover look more colorful.


09-02-2000, 07:51 PM
Hi Octo,

It's the WALKABOUT album indeed, that contains the secret song Peace On Earth / Do What You Can. After you played Camphor 10:46 (in fact 3:55) you'll hear the hidden song.


09-03-2000, 03:11 PM
Thanks Guido for the reply,
Yes I have the secret song on my CD, it was a real pleasant suprise way back when I first played the CD to hear it start up after a minute or so of silence after Camphor. I remember when the album first came out in Spring 86' that the vinyl LP that i purchased had a sticker saying that there was a hidden message in the album but I never found out what they were referring to. Ive also read somewhere about a contest or giveaway related to finding the hidden message. I tend to think that "Do What You Can/Peace On Earth" wasnt what they were referring to because the sticker was on a vinyl LP that didnt have the secret song and as far as i know the secret song was only available on selected CD versions of Walkabout. Not all CD's have the secret song either, Iv'e seen copys that didnt have it, you have to look at the length of Camphor to tell, if it's listed as 10:46 then it's got it, if it's 3:55 it doesnt. You sound like you already know about all this Guido, and I'm just stating it here in case someone else reading this can benefit.
I was mainly wondering if anyone knew what the hidden message they were referring to was and where it was located. Also, the first a and the o in Walkabout being a different colour than the rest of the lettering on the cover probably doesnt mean anything but i thought i would point it out anyway.
By the way, how have The Fixx fared throughout the years in the Netherlands, I know they were popular in the U.S. and Germany among many other other places, while in thier homeland they were pretty much ignored and got scathing reviews from the critics in the British press as well. I think, though i could be mistaken somewhat, that many people in Britain felt as though the band had forsaken thier homeland when "Reach The Beach" came out. To the British press "Reach The Beach" probably meant nothing more than coming to America, making alot of money, getting a suntan and forgetting about where you came from. Thats a shame because anyone who truly listens to The Fixx knows that they are about so much more than suntans and money.


09-19-2000, 06:46 PM
Hi Octo!

A) I think the song Do What You Can (Peace On Earth)is the most beautiful (secret) message there is. Sure I'm glad you mentioned it here! Talking 'bout the different colors of the A and O in wAlkabOut, are you an artist or typographer? Just wondering, most people wouldn't notice...

B) The first 2 Fixx albums were HOT in the Netherlands (Shuttered Room & Reach The Beach). Phantoms (#3) was less known, Walkabout (#4) was even more for 'insiders' and React (#5) wasn't very known at all. The bad critics started with Calm Animals (#6) and after Ink (#7) I (and many more I guess) never heard about the Fixx anymore.

You'll understand how happily surprised I was to discover www.theFixx.com (http://www.theFixx.com) about two years ago... It's good to connect with them Fixx guys again! ...and all of you!

09-22-2000, 06:13 AM
Thanks, but I'm mostly your typical Upstate New Yorker mill rat who comes home every day to his 4 room apt, a cold one, a lit one, a good woman, and two cats. But I guess you can say I'm an artist in a sense that I love to play guitar, and if I'm jamming alone i find that after playing something for a minute i usually end up off on my own tangent. Back in 1984 it was JWO's playing that led me to that pawn shop where i found my first axe. I'm not an exceptional player and I'm not in a band or anything, just good enough to enjoy playing.
I guess the only reason i even noticed that lettering on the cover thing was from seeing the album laying around so many times, or maybe wondering about the secret message deal.
Or maybe it was from listening to Walkabout first thing right after work so many times over the years!!!