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06-23-2007, 10:04 PM
hi all! as can be seen by my post count ,i have posted less than 20 times.......however, i am a long time lurker and newby poster........i know i should have probably introduced myself quite a while ago instead of just posting........i hope everyone accepts my apologies for this bit of rudeness.....a bit about me......i am a 52 yr old male from tampa,florida,i am single and own a small company in nearby clearwater.....i have been into the fixx since about 1985 or so (tough to remember the 80's ).......i am an avid concert goer and estimate have seen probably 150 shows( i know it's not a lot ,but all i could afford in my younger days)........and of course, my favorite band to see live are the fixx and a close second was a band by the name of white witch (not the new band going by the same name, but an old band from tampa in the mid - late 70's)..........the last 4 fixx concerts in the area (jannis landing,largo cultural center,st pete state theatre) i have spread the word to my friends ,co-workers and associates and have brought them with us to these shows......as i have indicated in other posts, it's much fun to watch them experience the boys for the first time......not one person has turned down a second show........well , as all you great people can probably tell by my typing,i am challenged to say the least-please excuse my lack of caps and puncuation........maybe the next show i will be able to meet some of the fixxtures !! got to go.....brad

06-26-2007, 06:05 PM
Welcome! Hope to see you around the board some more! I'm going to be one of those experiencing the boys live for the first time in 11 days, and I can hardly stand it, I'm getting so excited! There's a small chance a friend of mine who has also never seen them might be going, plus I hope to convince a co-worker to go to a show in November. I may travel for some of those shows, so if I get to one in Florida, maybe we'll meet!

See you around the board!