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Jeanne Thelen
07-11-2007, 03:20 PM
I thought I have heard every "justifiable" excuse from criminals on WHY they do the things they do…But this is TOO MUCH. I mean HOW DARE GOD not take responsibility for making him an insane psychotic murderer !!!
He is kidding right???

God escapes day in court

A Romanian murderer who sued God for "fraud" and "betrayal of trust" for failing to answer his prayers has had his case dismissed in court, a newspaper has reported.
The daily Evenimentul Zilei says 40-year-old Mircea Pavel brought charges against "the defendant God, who lives in the heavens and is represented in Romania by the Orthodox Church" for failing to free him from evil.
Mr Pavel, who is serving 20 years in jail for murder, accused God of "fraud, betrayal of trust, corruption and influence peddling".
"At my christening, I made a deal with the defendant aimed at freeing me from evil," he wrote.
"But the latter has not respected that agreement until now, although he received from me various assets and numerous prayers."
The court in Timisoara, in western Romania, dismissed the case, ruling that "God is not subject to law and does not have an address".

TOO funny...or maybe that is UNREAL!!
:rolleyes: :angel:

07-11-2007, 05:03 PM
The court has ruled correctly.

Don't be surprised if Mr. Pavel decides to appeal, though.....

07-11-2007, 10:40 PM
I don't know whether to laugh or cry! That was one of those times his lawyer should have said, "was your brain WITH you all day?!" I'm surprised they even pulled up paperwork for that one! What would have been funny was if God came to court and looked like Vincent Price and countersued him for being a disobedient child and asking for divorce. Aha!:laugh: