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07-15-2007, 08:50 PM
Hello All,

Just want to get someone else's take on the show last night. My wife and I met two long time Fixxtures, Jaime and Brian, we had a great time meeting and talking music with them.

It was great to see Cygnet and Rob and of course Ed. I really felt that The Alarm had a strong following and The Fixx won over some new fans. I did not see The Furs so I can't comment. The Alarm are still good live. It was great to hear about the Lead Singer's Mike Peters real life story about his fight against chronic lymphocytic leukemia. He looked and sounded great.

I am not 100% sure of the setlist. Perhaps Cygnet or Ed can correct me if I am wrong:

Deeper And Deeper
Life Goes On
One Thing Leads To Another
Secret Separation
Fatal Shore
All Is Fair
Everyone Believes In Something
How Much Is Enough
Stand Or Fall
Woman On A Train
Saved By Zero
Red Skies
Facing The Wind ( How is that for a surprise!)

My personal opinion is that after Red Skies, The Fixx had the audience eating out of their hands. I think playing The Fool or Are We Ourselves as the encore would have been the knock out punch.

For The Fixxture's "Facing The Wind" was a pleasant surpris and a great song live. I just think The Alarm and Furs faithful would have liked the other two songs better.

Can't wait to see the "Boys" again Tuesday night.


Doctor Roger
07-16-2007, 10:19 AM

The San Diego show was great! The encore of Facing The Wind was a special gift to those reading this board, in my opinion. It almost didn't happen !! Although it was on the set list, the clock ran out on the Fixx's set. The stage manager for the Furs was trying to stop right on time, but we got a late start by 5 minutes. Ira was at the sound board so I had to make fast decisions. Some idiot threw a deck of cards on stage and created a tripping/slipping hazard during the Alarm's set. We had to clean up the stage first. That was part of the 4 minute delay.

So, when I started to go out to the stage for the encore re-introduction, he tried to stop me. I just went right by him anyway and called the Fixx back out, as you probably saw. The Furs manager was very pissed at me and we had words back stage. But I made the decision to NOT let the Fixx stand waiting in the wings, and risked the ire of that guy. It was only a 4 minute overrun so I did it. So Facing The Wind was even more special than meets the eye.

Same thing happened last night in San Francisco. To avoid the fight with the same guy, I just told the Fixx to STAY OUT THERE! They started to leave after Red Skies, as I'll usually call them back out at encore... but last night I just told them to stay and do the last song as that man was obviously pissed again over the 3 minute overrun.

In San Diego, it was great to see alot of familiar faces, and I look forward to more of the same tomorrow in Costa Mesa. Tomorrow is the last stop on the Colonies tour, and from what I've seen so far, it's a very good tour for the Fixx to showcase the abilities and musicianship. The crowds obviously LOVED each set and provided much needed exposure and publicity.

Hope to see you there tomorrow night !

Much Love to All,

Dr. Roger

07-16-2007, 10:31 AM
Hello Doc,

Facing The Wind is EXCELLENT live! I really enjoyed the concert too:) Thanks for the backstage insight. Yes, I say the cards being thrown. He was over to the right of the stage by Jamie.

I guess I am getting too old for general admission shows. Why is it always that some moron has to cut in front of you? I am 5' 7" on a good day and someone taller always seems to block my view:(

The Fixx always seem to get short changed on there time. Doc don't let them get away with it on Tuesday. We need every minute out there. It is not fair that we always get short changed.

I will wear my Fixx hat and Want That Life T-shirt. Can't wait until tomorrow.


07-18-2007, 06:55 AM
Oddly enough...I was at the Boston show right up front on the left side of the stage and somebody threw a deck of cards around as well. They didn't really reach the stage but I thought that was weird when I read this post.

The phantom card thrower is lurking about. Beware!

07-18-2007, 08:15 AM
Hello Radio,

It looks like in one of the Alarm songs the tradition is to throw a deck of cards. Not sure what the significance is?

Unfortuanately, it is a real problem when they land on stage. I am not sure the guy/gal thought it was funny to do that?


Beached Male
07-19-2007, 10:25 PM
Originally posted by Doctor Roger
... The encore of Facing The Wind was a special gift to those reading this board, in my opinion. It almost didn't happen !!

Thanks for "putting up the fight" and covering the flank.

An encore that features "Facing the Wind" is completely appropriate, exactly as you state. Historically, encores were this way--for the fans who stuck around, or for a crowd begging for more. I think their 2 song encores, with a lead of Facing the Wind followed by Saved by Zero is probably the "perfect" scenario, but given the time, sounds like you "helped" them make the right choice.