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Beached Male
07-19-2007, 09:53 PM
So I'm driving home tonight, Elemental was in the CD player. I had already started the CD in the morning, made it a bit through on the way to work.

But now I'm waiting for the car to warm up, and the now half-finished song from the morning is fading out. After it ends, on comes "Fatal Shore" like a thunderbolt.

You listen to CDs over and over sometimes, but once in a while you get a little zap like that unexpected shock from a door handle. That's Fatal Shore. I've heard it in five different live renditions now, several on FixxStixxs.

The genius of it--the song was never in the push for a single or radio rotation. Two Different Views and Happy Landings were top bill for those attempts. Some bands may have chosen filler, but not The Fixx. The song never grabbed me initially the first few times I listened to Elemental either. Like a time bomb, it required just enough plays and then Bang, it hooks you. Now it's the most played song from Elemental in their live shows, probably will be the remainder of The Fixx's career. Like "Deeper and Deeper," Fatal Shore is one of those driving songs (not car driving, but...driving), and pushes that pulse a bit. May have made for a decent song in Medieval War had they employed electric amps and speakers. Regardless, it's now one of my regulars on rotation whenever my pace slows or body temp falls below 98. It's sure to fire you up.

The strangest thing about this entire story-- as I listened to Fatal Shore in the car, I decided I'd make a complimentary post when I logged on. When I opened up the page, I read about Cy saying Fatal Shore was his favorite, and that he felt an "out-of-body experience" everytime they perform it.

Cheers Cy, I think you passed me on the highway tonight.

07-19-2007, 10:24 PM
The first time I heard it live was on an old webcast in '97, before Elemental came out. I believe it was HOB Chicago. Anyway, Cy sang the lyrics "tomorrow never dies", towards the end, I believe. If I'm not mistaken, wasn't this song in contention for the James Bond film of that name? I thought that was the discussion at the time. I remember hearing Sheryl Crow's crappy song in the theatre, and feeling disappointed. Maybe it was mentioned during the chat session from around that time? Who knows..memories fade (but the scars still linger)


07-20-2007, 07:08 PM
Funny coincidence...I was listening to Elemental today as well, and when it got to this song, I was thinking about it in terms of Cy saying it defined the band, etc. Up till now, I've always looked at this song as a kind of apocalyptic-lost-civilization-on-a-faraway-planet sci-fi kinda song, but today it just all of a sudden struck me that this song is simply about life and death and what we make of our time and pass on to others (who will in turn go through the same stages of life and death). I said to myself, "duh, they're not talking sci-fi here, when there's a much more simple explanation"! I'm thinking band-wise that they wanted to say something about passing their work on to those who would come after. I might even go so far as thinking that the "last poor soul" may be Cy saying to us that, even though we may not be making the same type of mark the Fixx are, we all still make one. Dunno, though, that last verse is open to a lot of interpretation, and I'm not at all sure I'm done interpreting it. And I could be fulla c*** anyway!

So, I came here to post my crazy thoughts, and lo and behold here's a Fatal Shore post. I think we're all on the same wavelength lately... :eek: