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11-11-2007, 03:30 PM
just found this via myspace thread from the alarm :

Mike announced to the audience that last night he was up at the Brixton Academy to see his old favourite's the Sex Pistols , then launched in to "Spirit of 76" but with a twist mixed together with "45 RPM" and a whole list of punk covers including the classic "Anarchy in the UK" which sent the crowd absolutely wild, the mosh pit down the front with filled with sweaty ageing body's dancing up and down giving it their all , the whole scene was just indescribable , an exciting atmosphere to say the very least.

The band were called back for an encore with the familiar crowd sing-a-long of "Blaze of Glory" which when they returned the duly played followed by a new Alarm anthem "Love Hope Strength" joined by Jamie West-Oram on guitar from The Fixx who recently toured the U.S.A. with The Alarm on the "Rockin the Colonies Tour" A near two hour set played with bucket loads of passion and emotion giving the London audience just what they had come for.

Setlist(From Memory)

Absolute Reality
Without a Fight
My Town
Rescue Me
Sold me Down the River
Higher Call
Marching On
68 Guns
Knife Edge
Rescue me
The Stand(Acoustic)
This Train is Bound For Glory(Acoustic)
The Drunk And Disorderly
Spirit of 76
Blitzkrieg Bop
I'm so bored with the USA
Anarchy in the UK
If The Kids are United
Spirit of 76(Reprise)


Blaze of Glory
Love Hope and Strength

Dave Chinery(Chinners)
Jamie West-Oram on guitar from The Fixx

11-11-2007, 11:59 PM
Yes I was there - lots of photos posted on the alarm forum too - click on the photos section of the forum.

Fantastic gig as I said in a previous thread and a great way to celebrate the return from Everest.

11-12-2007, 12:17 AM
It was indeed exciting to see the photos of Jamie playing with the Alarm the other night. I just wish they'd have said "Jamie West-Oram" from The Fixx instead of Jamie West. This was an issue I had with many of the press stories I read associated with Everest Rocks. Not sure why it keeps being printed wrong everywhere. Good on Jamie though. I'm sure he sounded great.