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11-26-2007, 11:02 AM
Saw both concerts with friends and thought they were great. You guys sounded as good as the 80's. Everyone was so nice and gracious with the hellos and signings. Thanks for your wonderful personalities. Also, Thanks Rodger for the fun and dancing. My friends and I had a blast hanging out with you at the front of the Stage on Saturday night!! Looking forward to the next concert. Have one in Northern CA soon!!


Doctor Roger
11-28-2007, 03:13 PM
Hi Kath !!

I also had a blast with you, your hubby, and your friends up front near the stage. I just hope I didn't make too much of a fool of myself trying to "dance", but, when I consume THAT much alcohol THAT fast, it makes me forget all realistic modesty. I had drinks lined up as you saw..............

Let me also ask you this:

Where else can a mid-40 year old person totally feel like he's 22 again except at a Fixx show? I've also danced with wild abandon without alcohol at Fixx shows. There is something about the Fixx that makes me forget my age, my troubles, and all my worries for a few hours. When you add that excitement to my schedule, I can dance like a Grateful Dead fan on acid, and I'm sure that's exactly how I looked, but I DON'T CARE what anyone thinks or sees during those few precious hours.

So, as long as I didn't embarass you or your group, I'm totally happy and appeased. By the way, your husband was quite the Fred Astaire !!

I had one of the best times that night and hope you did as well. Treasure that little gift I gave you as it means alot. I gave it to you because I saw what a big fan you are and you actually stayed up there with us like you were an old pro Fixxture!! Looking forward to seeing you again, by the way, where in No.cal are you? I'm in san Jose. PM me for other shows I'll invite you to go to.

Best Always,

Dr. Roger