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12-20-2007, 02:44 AM
Just got this note in the .com mail
You can download the MP3 and FF to Cy's interview, but the rest of the program is enjoyable!
Thanks again to Rich!

Hi Cy
Thanks again for talking to us last month at the Kweevak Music Magazine. Our
interview with you is now online at:


We look forward to catching you and/or The Fixx on the road in 2008.
Happy New Year.
Rockin' Rich Lynch
Kweevak.com Founder

12-22-2007, 02:53 PM
Another good one! A good overall show with interesting music...my only complaint is that they didn't play one of Cy's songs to accompany his interview, the way they did with another artist. Rick Lynch praised the Returning Sun highly, though, and I can relate to the title track being his fave - I think it's become mine as well.

It was interesting that his interview followed a different song called "I Will"...wonder if that was intentional or a coincidence? ;)

Cy made an interesting comparison of the days when music governed people's social lives, versus today, where the detached world of the Internet does. He admits it's good for the type of record promotion he wants to do, though!

My fave quote..."Instead of talking bull****, I'm shoveling it"! :laugh: Go check it out!!!