View Full Version : Cy And John Lennon's "#9 Dream"

04-16-2008, 05:55 PM
While browsing around, found a book entitled "Music Hound Rock." This volume has 1400-plus pages of rock music album information. In putting the book together, the editors asked 106 rock musicians:

What album changed your life?

Cy Curnin's answer is found on page 427:

"Walls And Bridges by John Lennon, because when I was going through puberty, middle puberty, becoming a complicated human, and women were starting to really chew at my wood and childhood arrogance disappeared, it just took me off. '#9 Dream,' that song blew me away."

Music Hound Rock: The Essential Album Guide was published in 1999 and was edited by Gary Graff and Daniel Durchholz. IMO, a very useful volume for rock music lovers.

And very nice to find out this detail about Cy and the music that influenced him in his formative years. Interesting......



04-17-2008, 09:04 AM
Hmm, better have a closer listen to that album/song sometime :p