View Full Version : 2001 Tour And CD With The Motels And Berlin

05-02-2008, 07:25 PM
Just finished listening to the "Greatest Hits Live" album with The Motels, The Fixx and Berlin. Just a great live album. This was part of a concert tour that was taped on July 21, 2001 from the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. The CD includes four songs from The Motels, four from Berlin and five from The Fixx. And they are:
*Stand Or Fall
*Driven Out
*Saved By Zero
*Red Skies
*Secret Separation

Cy begins the set by yelling: "This is gonna be one big sing-along!!"
And the crowd really enjoyed all three artists, from the cheering on that live album.

Anyway, I was thinking some of you here have that album?

And others here may have attended one of the shows from that 2001 tour?