View Full Version : Boy on a Plane meets Woman on a Train

06-17-2008, 11:05 AM

Nice blog entry!

ĎDíy'ever do something once and have such a vivid experience doing it that you do it again? And then again and again until it becomes a sort of ritual? Iím not talking about something big, like surviving a plane crash in the Andes and then meeting with your fellow survivors once a year for happy hour at Chiliís. Nothing like that. Iím talking about small, nonsensical, peculiar, the kind of ritual that only you, yourself in this wide, overpopulated planet ever do, the kind that seeks to reclaim, without ever succeeding, something of the magic that befell you the first time you did it?

I thought so, but I bet yours doesnít involve The Fixx and a PSA jet.


06-17-2008, 04:42 PM
When I listen to the Fixx albums that we listened to on our trip out to the Grand Canyon after the November '07 Vegas shows, my mind always goes back to that trip. The canyon was a great place to reflect on the lyrics and conversations Cy had with us. Maybe after this year's trip(s) some new memories will be mixed in!