View Full Version : Holy melting watches, BATMAN!

07-22-2008, 03:01 PM
hey anyone recall the Rockline special with Bob Coburn on national radio stations?

Around the calm tour in 89(or maybe it was the Walkabout era?), i remember listening to the show and premiered the new tunes, and then they took phone calls....

There was some dude from the SE (i think) that talked like he was from another planet.
Kept mentioning the "HARD ROAD NYMPHS" and Adam and Cy were astonished with his cerebral/surrealistic analogy of the Fixx tunes . Bob Coburn thought they had Salvador Dali on the line, but i can just recall Adam saying "hard road nymphs?" huh?

I had it on tape in college, and it walked about with my roomate. Just wondering if any else still has this one kicking around???


PS Woww Doc Rog! i think you win the award for most shows under yer belt! Congrats!
Wow. even mississippi too? impressive. couldnt have been vacationing there i bet.. ;)