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01-17-2003, 06:15 PM
Hi All... I wanted to comment on something. It is hard to feel sorry for any of these athletes when you realize that all of them are millionaires. It is a sad statement on society when those who play games for a living (entertainers) are the richest people and those workers that we need the most, teachers, nurses, police, the list goes on and on... make very little. Do you think these "stars" deserve to be paid so well? I don't blame them for taking the money offered to them... I just really can't understand how the pay scale got so out of hand. Someone said the other day that if you did not have a college education today you would never get much further than poverty level. But, in the same sentence stated that some people were only interested in working minimum wage jobs for a living. What do you think of this??? How much money should a person working at Taco Bell make? What if no one would work unless it was for enough money to live on. All this talk about the stock market on tv... no one I know has had enough money to save... not to even think about investing... get real!

01-22-2003, 01:07 AM
I've been truly distraught over that issue before as well......What
brought it up ...? Sorry tah respond so late ; I just moved in yah
can say ....I really like it here . Kinda like being in the guest house
of people you have the utmost respect for when there gone ....
even if everyone were, gone that is, I think I'ld still come in here
and shout from the different room type thingies even if it was only tah myself . Well alot of things people do.. in fact dosn't..
seem reasonable ....it dosn't make the world any less beautiful ;
I remember we don't know everything & keep the faith ......

01-22-2003, 08:30 PM
True that... welcome and thanks for the up words.

02-28-2003, 04:05 PM
... Its never enough


Great post, dont know how i missed it before. Alot has changed in the last 40 years, i believe football player salaries back then averaged like $20k, good money for those days yes, but a far cry from todays bloated salaries.

This post reminds me of a story i wrote a few years back called "Superstar", it was basically about a retired man sitting in his living room watching a football game. The man worked in a mill his whole life, he never made alot of money, but he did make sure his children had a better life than he did. At the beginning youre lead to believe that the players are the stars, but towards the end you began to realize that he was in fact the superstar.

Unfortunately one can only see things getting worse, the whole American economy trickles up fattening a small percentage of the people, while the folks towards the bottom continue to lose ground. Our economy skyrocketed in the 90's, there was so much money made, especially with the boost given by computer technologies, yet children still go hungry, same as before, right here in the good old USA. I'll be damned if have the slightest clue to even suggest an answer here. Its sad alright. But we cant lose hope either.

Ive always felt that Fixxtures were a bit more in tune to these kind of issues, I guess we can thank the boys for much of that