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    Poll: I Will. My favorite Fixx song. Have never heard...

    I Will. My favorite Fixx song. Have never heard it live. Heard Cy has sung it in his solo performances.
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    Poll: My vote would have been. How Much Is Enough or...

    My vote would have been. How Much Is Enough or Ships Are Safe In Harbour.
  3. Poll: My favorite of BF

    The whole album is great. Shaman is my fave. The first night I had
    BF, I downloaded it to my iPod and hit repeat on Shaman, must have listen to it a hundred times, well maybe not that many times,...
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    Great to meet you

    I to am a long time fan. I lived in Denver Colorado back in the 80's
    when they toured with the AFOS, unfortunately I didn't get to see
    them back then. My first time to see them live was here in...
  5. A second thought

    Of course you could start a riot with that band's hardcore fans! They might want to lench you! For insulting their favorite band. Unless they joined you
    in the price revolt.

    "your amour is...
  6. I'd love to see that!

    Actually Diamond, I've heard somebody else say they wanted to do
    that, it's great idea, especially if you did it at the concert and then went up to the band if you had the chance to get an...
  7. We all love Fixx, that's all that matters

    Don't belittle each other. We all love the Fixx, that's all that matters.
    I like to collect everything cd I can get my hands on, and I also like
    to go to the concerts and be around the band, it...
  8. It would be a great idea and purchase

    Hey Heimo, I'd be on board too! Anything (cd) Fixx gotta have!
    They could call it Anything and Everything Fixx!

    "your amour is love"
  9. They should have kept Wasted on the cd also.

    I would have rather paid more for more songs on the cd (including Wasted), than having to go to itUNES to get it. Like I have said
    before I personally hate downloads. I like the physical cd.

  10. I just hope they do release Everyone Believes

    Everyone Believes is a great song. Release it please! More Fixx, More
    Fixx, More Fixx!

    "your amour is love"
  11. someone mention that about Everyone Believes

    I don't remember who said it. They just mentioned they had talked to
    Cy before a recent concert and that he had said EB was in the working for release. Can't confirm it was said, sorry! You would...
  12. Maybe another lost tracks cd could be done

    Maybe another lost tracks cd could be done. One with the songs
    you mentioned that didn't make the BF cut. Even add "Wasted".
    And songs that have been sung live. Cy told somebody Everyone
  13. I'm glad it wasn't afterthought!

    I'm glad it ended up on BF. I too fell in love with it! Listened to it at
    least thirty times the first night I had it. So yes it's my favorite cut
    of the album, but I do love all the songs, not one...
  14. Shaman should be a single

    I agree that Shaman should have been and should be a single, in my
    opinion it's the closest to the Fixx sound. But I think they chose Anyone Else to attract a newer audience.

    "your amour is...
  15. Poll: I have 3 favorites

    I just recently got the Rainman version of this cd, so Never Mind What
    You Leave Behind is new to me, and I really like it. But I've always
    liked I'm Life and Precious Stone. So I like all three.
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    will do

    thanks Stephen, for the info and the recommend, never even thought
    about that.

    "your amour is love"
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    I guess I'll be buying the European version too

    I really like your version, but I'll want Mark's too, so I guess I'll have to buy the European version, to have his. Is it confirmed that it will
    be Mark's mix?

    "your amour is love"
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    Shaman is also my favorite. The first night I had it, I downloaded to
    my ipod and locked Shaman in repeat mode , listened to it at least
    30 times.

    "your amour is love"
  19. You're right!

    I listened to it today, and had forgotten about the difference between
    these versions and album versions.

    "your amour is love"
  20. update

    received: Another Lost Decade (Deeper and Deeper short version
    is great, makes want to go and find the Streets of Fire dvd and cd)

    add to ordered list: Ink on Japanese import cd (mainly for...
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    there also a like new for $25.00 plus $2.99 shipping and its signed by the band
    but the seller only has had 2 sales in the last 12 months, 68 altogether.

    "your amour is love"
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    what do you consider pricey?

    go to right now $19.91 plus 2.99 shipping brand new
    seller has 100% rating.

    "your amour is love"
  23. Thanks Robert

    Unfortunately MrChung lost out, didn't respond to my email, but
    I went to Musicstack(which I've dealt with before), and Maggie Mae in Japan did respond to my email, just waiting for confirmation of...
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    They ended their set with Red Skies back during the Want That Life Tour years ago

    On Mon Nov 15th 2004 Jacksonville, Florida Freebird Cafe


    Are We Ourselves
    How Much Is Enough
    Are You Satisfied
    Calm Animals
    Driven Out
  25. Ink info

    Thanks for the MrChung Ink info, I'll give that a try. Have the Stage One, got
    it signed by the band like I said on the other thread. I'm sorry I can't help
    there I really wish I could help you...
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