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  1. Poll: I Voted For The Entire Greatest Hits CD

    Since I love every song I voted for the entire CD.
    Every song is dear to me.
    Especially Something Ahead Of You which I hope to hear on a future live show.
  2. Hello Fellow Fixtures Let Me Introduce Myself

    I have been lurking for some time now and have decided to post. May I say I see many good people on here. The band like The Fixx would expect to attract those types. My name is Stan from the middle...
  3. Hi Jeff, You are doing an excellent job with this...

    Hi Jeff, You are doing an excellent job with this forum. Also all the helpful fixtures on this forum. Yes I first fell in love with Supertramp when Even In The Quietest Moments was released in 77. I...
  4. Reliving 1983 in 2012 With The Fixx and Supertramp

    I saw Roger Hodgson one of the original song writers and singers from Supertramp in Atlantic City last night. Roger last toured with Supertramp in 1983. Turns out that The Fixx was the opening act...
  5. Thread: Fixx media

    by LoseFace

    Loved The Video Stream from The Bing

    Thanks Gretchen for that link of this interview and the new songs are just excellent to see them performed live. I have to listen to this new cd every day I just love it so much. Hope the sales are...
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    Please Come Back To The New Jersey Shore

    I know in the past that The Fixx played the Stone Poney in Asbury Park.
    They have a summer stage there a block away from the beach.
    This would be a great venue for exposure for The Fixx.
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    Beautiful Friction Is My New Classic Fixx CD

    I received my copy last week and cannot stop listening to it.
    Since I heard that The Fixx were appearing in New Jersey in June I have been listening to nothing but The Fixx. I may need professional...
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    Just Pre Ordered My Copy On Amazon Today

    Just pre ordered my copy of Beautiful Friction along with 5 other Fixx items I never owned before.
    Ordered The Phantoms Live 1984 tour on VHS tape since no DVD I saw this tour in person.
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    Great Pictures of this Show in NJ

    Thank you Lisa for your reply I have been lurking in here for some years now.
    Lose Face is one of my favorite songs.

    I was wondering if there is a mailing list I could get onto for Fixx alerts on...
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    The Fixx Teaneck NJ Show Was Awesome

    Hello Fellow Fixx Fans

    I am brand new to join this site but I have been viewing your posts here for years now. I have been a big fan of this group since 1983 when I saw them open for Supertramp....
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