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  1. Precious

    That is sooooo cute! I have been to scarecrow festivals and have not seen one like that. Good work!
  2. Welcome Back

    Hello Msmith1 and welcome back! How did your move and journey to the new location go? Very funny about saying - Why did I bring that in the move? We did the same thing and my boxes are awaiting me...

    Hey Doctor Roger! You are SOOOOOO lucky to have an offer like that! I would love it if that hobby was offered as a career choice! Especially since it is so much fun! You are gifted! Was starting...
  4. Autumn Fun

    Beached Male - That sounds like a lot of fun I have not gone apple picking in about 10 years. That may be something to do with my 4 year old this year. Last year we did Pumpkin picking and that...
  5. The pizza s*cked!

    From a Brick Oven but must have been crooked or cracked bricks. Half the pie blackened and the other not. I still am hungry cause' the husband and kids demolished it before I ever got through my 2nd...
  6. Hangin' by the poolside

    Today was an Open House at the swim club we belong to. Was there until closing. Tonight the pool officially closes until next summer.:(
    Turned out to be a beautiful and hot day! The water was...
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