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  1. Now Diamond !!!

    I'll admit...I'm ROFL..... Thank goodness I'm flying....

    Good One, Bud !

    Dr. Roger:mad: :D
  2. ROFL

    OMG Bash and Pips!

    I'm ROFL as I read Bash and Pip's questions to GGGREG:

    "Are you COMING OUT to meet us"?

    "What does the GG stand for" ?

    Anyway, I look forward to meeting GGGreg as...
  3. Just Saw It !

    FINALLY !!

    I raced back from work to see the DVD. I must say, it's a great production, even with the blurry stuff and sounds. I was so impressed that I have Dennis racing over to see it right...
  4. Perhaps...

    Perhaps we Northerners can drive down there near Pippi, Ed, Cygnet, etc. for the DVD viewing?

    Bash, that ride down and back...........I guarantee you'll never forget it ! Heehee (Smiling) :)
  5. Yes, Ed !

    Yes, Ed !

    The very same school....that's where we practiced, behind the varsity field.

    I was a Team Volunteer and game announcer with this year's Pop Warner Midget level football team, the Oak...
  6. Waiting....

    Dear Fixxtures !!

    Pippi is mailing me one either today or yesterday, I CAN'T WAIT !! I already received 3 phone calls telling me that I'm shown full blown in Santa Cruz, one call from someone...
  7. WoW !

    Dear Bash and Pippi,

    I don't have a paypal, etc. Too deficient with computers. PLEASE someone get me one of those DVD's and let me know when it arrives. I'll come get it if necessary! Thanks, and...
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