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Thread: My Kids Love THE FIXX!!!

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    Talking My Kids Love THE FIXX!!!

    Well I love the fixx and cy is GOD!! But what is really cool is that I have 3 boys 5,11,15.My 15 yr.old Loves the fixx he has many choices in music today but he follows mom.He told me the other day Cy Curnin really makes you think about life.He really knows what he is talking about.My 11 yr.old loves them too.He just loves Red skies at Night.thats his favorite.But the coolest of all is when your 5 yr.old walks in the house from playing and hears the fixx, He says to me mom i want to hear Reach the Beach and he knows alot of the words He has his own favorites.How cute is that!!When my 15 yr.old goes to school he carries a walkman guess whats inside WOODLANDS.No one at his school even knows who the fixx is.As far as I am concerned he is the coolest kid in school.Well all in all mom knows best.I am very proud to have fixxture kids.They are going to be super grown-ups they are already off to a great start.I also aquired a fixx song book,Reach the beach/shuttered Room,Quess what my kids are learning to read music and play guitars.I think that the fixx is the best thing for children everywhere.I cant wait till they come in concert in florida cause I am taking my kids so they can see the masters at work.How cool would it be to see THE FIXX for your first concert ever.I just want to send out a special thanks to THE FIXX for making a difference and touching everyones life in one way or another.I am proud of my kids choice and they are constantly wanting to hear THE FIXX on the stero.

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    It is really cool when adults and teens or children are close and spend time together, especially when they are thier own. I don't think Cy is God , but I do love the band and hope to see you at the next show... 4-sure.
    "You NO Me" - Kat

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    LoL It`s always encouraging to see the younger ones getting into the group too. My neice is the same way. Sounds like you have a great bunch of kids. We need more of em out there. lol welcome to da board! Loved your post.

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    I appreciate your comments. I have a 13 year old daughter and 5 year old son and they both love the Fixx. My daughter has seen them live on two occasions. The first time was a small club in southern california when they were touring the elemental cd. I agree that the lyrics and the music are excellent for children. I also think we as parents need to share our love of music with our children. My daughter would prefer listening to the Fixx then Britney Spears! That is a step in the right direction.

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    My middle son, Christopher is autistic, he had no speech until a miracle awakened his mind from what we view as a wide awake coma, he didn't speak for 6 months, lost all his early words, became regressed and totally withdrawn into his own world, a world into which no one could penetrate.... except that is, a very special band from Wales, called Catatonia {strange that a band with a name related to mental illness should bring a mentally ill boy back to us}, anyway, they recorded a song called Mulder and Scully, which was a huge Worldwide hit everywhere except the USA, released at the perfect time, as Christopher suddenly and unnanounced, jumped onto the window sill, pulled the curtains around himself, flung them open as if on the stage and launched into Mulder and Scully, word and tone perfect, this happened at just under the age of 3, he is now 7 going on 8, is able to communicate his needs very well, can feed himself, dress himself, write his name, draw pictures, read early reader books and so many things we all take for granted, as well as sing every Catatonia song word perfect. Anyway, Aled Richards, the ex drummer, {Catatonia split in 2001}, is a Fixx fan, he's a great mate of mine, he and I were the only 2 in town to have a copy of Reach the Beach, Cerys is a scream, so down to Earth and is wonderful with Christopher and the rest of my children, Christopher loves Red Skies and anything with a distinct singalong chorus, David is 10 and secretly borrows my Fixx CDs, so got him a bunch off eBay for his birthday, Stephanie is almost 5 and loves a guy who had a huge hit in Germany some years ago, Dan Lucas, she sings along constantly to his song, "Heart Of America".
    So.....yep, the power of music can never be denied, in our case, it gave us back a child who had shamefully been written off by so called medical professionals, who in 1998 told us that we should consider putting him into residential care, and to forget about him, go away and have another child - 1998 NOT 1898. The link to the picture below has been posted before, my son Christopher and Cerys Matthews ex of Catatonia, playing "stack the coke cans" at a live show that we were invited to last year.
    Stuart at the Welsh Connection

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    nice stories all, yes music does wonders doesnt it, it brings us together in its enjoyment, it releases us, what would we do without it?

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    My 14 year old stepson loves The Fixx. His first concert was the Fixx show at Taste of Colorado in 2001. He is awaiting anxiously for their return...

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