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Thread: Do You Spend Too Much Time On The Web?

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    Question Do You Spend Too Much Time On The Web?

    I have been

    Do you maybe spend too much time online as well? or maybe know someone else that does? Too much time meaning an amount of time that has an adverse effect upon relationships with partners, family, friends, society, etc.

    My wife is 41, and she's very good looking for her age, but she spends an awful lot of time staring at wrinkles that only she can notice, she's not overly vain or anything.... she's just in a phase, do ya know what I mean there? let me tell ya folks.... she's my life, and I would have no real life without her, but I don't always appreciate that fact.

    I spend about 8 hours a day or more online. My wife has reminded me this week in her own special way that she spends too much time by herself, while I'm in here geeking out. We fought, it got bad for a bit, but damn she's right. She needs me and I haven't seen it.

    Here's what I did.... I went to the gift shop and bought her something nice, a Boyd's piece.... Seneca the Guardian of Peace, (sounds perfect ta me after last week), along with two cards, one from me and one from the cats, oh yaaa I also got a ton of truffles too. When she got home from work Friday there they were on the table waiting. After she opened them I told her I loved her and of how sorry I was for not paying enough attention to her lately, I felt a little weak just then, it's a man thing, but the look of happiness within her eyes that moment reminded me that to receive great things sometimes you only need to give the little ones.

    Anyway that was my solution to the problem, and me and the misses are on vacation away from the www for just a bit, tonight were going out for some greens and ribs and then out cruisin' for some calm animals, I insisted though that tonight she's driving and I'm the one who's hoggin' the binoculars for once! hey in love it goes both ways

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    good for you!

    What a nice and selfless thing to do! Every now and then you gotta look at your spouse and remember they need attention too! It takes work to be in a relationship. It takes work just to live with someone--anyone. Just because you are married doesn't mean you no longer have to work at pleasing that person. Well I've got loads to say on the subject--so don't get me started. It's good to share with others about something extra-ordinary you did. Now if I could just get my husband to get off the couch!!!!!!!!!
    ps I spend about an hour on-line a day (mostly just to check emails and do some shopping.)

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    Yes Octo, I can relate. Your wife and I are the same age, and I have lived with my current husband since I was 17 years old! So every now and then we feel lonely/ ugly/ boring... you name it. But if you are on the net 8 hours a day then I'd say she has a legit reason for missing you. As for me, I don't have to compete with the net but my foe is the 3am to 3pm job and then off to bed by 8 for him. It can make for a long evening for the 3 of us... dog, cat and me. On a good note though, the love is like fine wine
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    Yes, I spend too much time online too... and my hubby is quick to remind me about it too... so I mostly try to be online only when he is at work, and spend more time with him when he is home... but that is hard sometimes, as we have a three-year-old who demands a lot of our time...and also he often has projects he's working on that I can't help him with... so we do what we can.

    It's amazing, though, how time flies when you're online. You sit down to look at one little thing, and many hours later you go, "OMG, I've been online THAT long?!"

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    Yes...according to my wife I do. But, I do sell CDs on eBay for a little extra money and what would she know anyway...if I'm not online on the computer she's playing "The Sims" so there. (Nothing like a quick rant to help me out).


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    It's my job

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