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Thread: Fixx in Dubuque, IA.

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    Fixx in Dubuque, IA.

    Just returned home from the Dubuque, IA show on 7/18. Camped overnight at a county park. Still feel like I'm in a sort of dreamland as I always do after seeing them perform. Mainly due to Question I keep asking myself: Did I really just see The Fixx? They were in great form. The crowd was lively. 200 people maybe. My fourth time seeing them. First time in the FRONT ROW. New songs were very seductive. They very much made me "feel the pull, feel the swing, and treasure every moment! Thank you Cy et al. for enriching my life. I enjoy your music and words. Here is the set list(which was hard to write as the show went on due to on my feet and much cheering. Cool black Tees for sale with gold "The Fixx" on front and Cy silhouette on reverse with outstertched arms and WANT THAT LIFE. Also a meet and greet treat. All I can be is thankful to this great band for their contribution to the world.

    Touch (Very sweet and tender!)
    All is Fair
    How Much is Enough
    Are You Satisfied?
    Want That Life
    Sunshine in the Shade
    Secret Separation
    FATAL SHORE(my first live treat to this great tune. Cy made comment about oily beaches with intro)
    Another new cut (didn't get title, slow balladish)
    LIGHTHOUSE - wow!
    One Thing Leads......
    Deeper and Deeper
    Red Skies
    Stand or Fall
    Saved By Zero
    Are We Ourselves?

    Tim the birdwatcher, distance runner, and Fixxated Fixxture

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    What a great show!!! I was in the second row on the left side (as facing the stage) so I got to see Aves back during the show. Ha.

    It is an outdoor venue and the weather was perfect. The temperature was mild and the sky clear. I would definitely return here to see them again.

    The slow, balladish song Aves is referring to is No Hollywood Ending. I've heard it before and this time was no disappointment either. I think it may be my favorite from the new (yet painfully not released) album.

    They played Are You Satisfied from the new album and the answer is yes. I believe this is the first time I heard this one. I have heard most of the new songs from their new album by attending their concerts and I have to say I think it will be their best album yet. I can't wait for the album!

    I didn't catch the name of one of the songs. I believe this is what Aves has as Lighthouse. I may be wrong but I thought Cy said they had not yet recorded it. (A side note to the band - record it!)

    An added treat was running into them at the hotel before and after the show and having my son see the show. As I had gotten their autographs at a previous show, I did not want to be a pest. I am sure they get enough from fanatics and I am just the fan in fanatic.

    I was a little disappointed in the shirt/souveneir department. I was looking for an XXLarge or XLarge Want That Life shirt and they only had large and medium. I think key chains, band photos, pins, bumper stickers, etc. would be a great addition. Anyone have a XXLarge shirt I could have? Ha.
    Fixxture For Life


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