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Thread: Blitz Wave?!

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    Cool Blitz Wave?!

    I hear you saying: "Now what the fuxx is blitz wave?!" Hehe...

    Little is known about it, but I heard about a London club, called The Blitz. Back in 1979 and the early 1980's several upcoming (new wave) bands performed in The Blitz and they were spawned as ... BLITZ WAVE bands.

    Is there anyone on the boards that knows more about it?
    (Hey ppl from the uk!)

    Some ppl considered The Fixx being a Blitz Wave act. Did The Fixx ever play The Blitz in London?

    And how about Adam & The Ants? / Gary Tibbs?

    Btw, The Blitz is a strange name for a new wave club don't you think? (since it does refer to the London Blitz in 1940...)


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    follow the link....

    think it talks about the "new romantic" /"cute" bands like duran duran, spandau,and such, and i swear i remember a interview w/ Cy saying how much they were NOT like double-duran, and made the reference of that tidal wave in their "the reflex" video... (LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!) does anyone recall this???

    I think it was that questions in balance article if i remember right... 84ish?

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    Nice read Diamond!

    But, did our boys play the Blitz?
    Mmmmmore info, anyone?

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