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Thread: old london 1980 dates

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    old london 1980 dates

    doing a search on that London Blitz club (no luck yet!)
    I stumbled across these old gig dates for a band who i'm assuming totally here.... callled the comsat angels..... ya got me????

    anyone know anything here on 'dis??? i dont!

    20.09.80 London Clapham 101 Club, England with The Fixx
    21.09.80 London Herne Hill Half Moon, England with The Fixx
    22.09.80 London Islington Hope And Anchor, England with The Fixx

    maybe this might be helpful in our inventory of all fixx gigs!

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    Thumbs up Good job!

    Acknowledged, The ComSat Angles from the UK (was it Sheffield?) were part of the New Wave scene alright. I attended one of their Dutch gigs in errr 1985...1986? At least two songs on their album Land (1983) were frequently airplayed in the Netherlands: Independence Day (tip!) and Will You Stay Tonight.

    Btw, I also did a quick Blitz / Fixx search on the London band Wang (Huang) Chung (hit single Dance Hall Days). The only Fixx connection which I found yet, was the June 21, 2001 Riverside Park show, Oshkosh, WI: "Possibly sold out already; part of a festival that includes Wang Chung." - Mike Byrne's unofficial Fixx homepage,

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