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Thread: WTL $ 17,98 to order

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    WTL $ 17,98 to order

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    WTL $14.99 or lower to order

    Originally posted by Just_Pete
    look at this

    Amazon now has this listed at $14.99 with free super saver shipping available. Also Happy Landings and Lost Tracks has a re-release according to see below:
    And HL&LT is listed for $11.18 here.
    Wherehouse has WTL listed for $14.38.
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    Thanks for the info. I just ordered it. Been looking forward to this for quite awhile. I'm sure it will be another great album from the best band to come out of the 80s!

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    I was wondering about the pricing of The Fixx cds.

    I've been wanting to get Reach The Beach Remaster but the cheapest I've seen it is $16.99. Most places have it for like $18.99 - that is crazy. Which seems really high considering most cd over 5 years old are at most $12.99. I know many other artists who release Cd remasters and their prices are much lower than $16.99 (cheapest).

    Will get it but holding off til I get a price reduction. I just think it is very poor of the record industry to over charge like that.

    I know many Fixx fans would pay any price but I got all the material on some other release.

    Hope that WTL gets released they don't make it too pricey also.

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