I must say that everytime I listen to The Fixx, after 19 years of close listening, I hear something different. My new favorite song at the moment is In Suspense. Absolutley amazing and another astounding work of creativity and artistic sensibility. Wonderful production and engineering work.

I LOVE THE FIXX!!!! Nothing else has ever given me the goosebumps (or the chills) lilke their words and music.

I was listening to Happy Landings on a really nice hi fi earlier today (Classe Audio, Thiels, etc..) and I just thought that an all acoustic version would be so fitting (sorry, I'm not a producer, just someone with ideas). Just Cy's voice (very emotional), and two acoustic guitars, and the tambourine. Maybe a few other things... but, heavily concentrated on his voice and that wonderful harmony of two acoustic guitars....

Ok, thanks for letting me share on this uneventful Friday night.

Cheers and wishing all well,