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Thread: sept. 25 - tucson, az show added

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    sept. 25 - tucson, az show added

    today on pollstar

    2 days after the release. Man, I wish I lived down south !!!!!

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    Jim don't forget to check out
    that's .COM
    We have the tour dates too.

    Something interesting I just learned, Pollstar isn't just a site that lists tour dates. Pollstar is actually a booking company, the choice for Fixx Management. They ARE the loop that presents the contracts to venues and performers, and they are the ones that get both sets of signatures, if I understand this correctly, so in fact, Pollstar knows the dates confirmed by both, venues and artists, before the artists and venues know that both have signed! That is why Pollstar will beat the bands website to listing the confirmed dates nearly every time (unless I beat them to typing it into the page!)
    So I hope that answers, once and for all, the question "how come this info is on Pollstar before the band's own website"

    Management and band are still in the midst of confirming events for September 23 and 24th. The band will be doing something special, but we have to wait with the announcements until all arrangements are made.

    Want That Life has made it through production and is being shipped to promotional this week! It is in the Distribution Center and will begin to make it's way to every outlet that has ordered it for sale. This is to confirm: It WILL be on the store shelves and out the doors on September 23!!!

    I've held the finished product in my hot little hands during a management meeting yesterday and I can tell you it looks awesome! And call it superstition, but like a sports star will put on his right shoe first, I'm going to BUY my copy on the 23rd, from my local mom and pop record shop.

    Stay tuned!! There is sooooooo much more to come.

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