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Thread: JWO sessions...

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    JWO sessions...

    does anyone have an extensive list of JWO's work?
    i thought someone used to have a full listing of his material, but i'm having a hard time locating anything but this: fill in any blanks please.... thnx

    Jamie West-Oram

    Listen To The Silence - 1979 Beggars Banquet (with Doll)
    Famous Last Words - 1982 Sire (with M)
    The Wildest Wish To Fly - 1983 Island (with Rupert Hine)
    Private Dancer - 1984 Capitol/EMI (with Tina Turner)
    Better Off Dead - 1985 A&M (Soundtrack)
    Break Every Rule - 1986 Capitol/EMI (with Tina Turner)
    Three Hearts In The Happy Ending Machine - 1986 RCA (with Daryl Hall)
    Close To The Bone - 1987 Arista (with The Thompson Twins)
    Tina Live In Europe - 1988 Capitol (with Tina Turner)
    The Other Side Of The Mirror - 1989 Modern (with Stevie Nicks)
    And The Knife Ran Away With The Spoon - 1992 Imago (with Doctor Rain)
    Ali Click (EP) - 1992 Warner International (with Brian Eno)
    Nerve Net - 1992 Warner International (with Brian Eno)
    When I Was A Boy - 1993 Reprise (with Jane Siberry)
    I Feel You (EP) - 1993 Warner Brothers (with Depeche Mode)
    Titanic Days - 1994 I.R.S. (with Kirsty MacCall)
    Bright Red - 1995 WEA (with Laurie Anderson)

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    Cool more Tina...

    Artist Direct mentions four Tina Turner albums with Jamie:

    1. Break Every Rule, 1986 (JWO)
    2. Private Dancer, 1984 (very JWO and Cy doing backing vocals)
    3. What's Love Got to Do with It, 1993 (also with JWO & Cy)
    4. Tina Live in Europe, 1988 (JWO)

    Private Dancer is must-have for the serious fixxer! They recently released a remastered version with all of the original tracks + three bonus tracks.

    Btw, the Artist Direct search directory has lotsa info on our boys:

    Check it out!

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