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Thread: Fixx in Minneapolis...Great!

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    Smile Fixx in Minneapolis...Great!

    Saw The Fixx in Minneapolis Tuesday. Simply great!

    The show opened at 8 P.M. with a VERY GOOD band from the Twin Cities called The Phones. They play 80s rock ‘n’ roll—Modern Rock they call it. They’ve been playing together since 1979.

    The Fixx came on promptly after 9 P.M and played 15 songs. Here’s the set list:

    All Is Fair
    How Much Is Enough
    Are You Satisfied
    Driven Out
    Sunshine in the Shade
    Secret Separation
    Fatal Shore
    No Hollywood Ending
    Less Cities, More Moving People
    One Thing Leads to Another
    Deeper and Deeper
    Red Skies


    Stand or Fall
    Saved by Zero

    Pretty good list of songs with a great rendition of "Saved". They all let out the stops for that one. Cy sang perfecly, even though he was obviously still having throat trouble.

    The sound at Fine Line is great! And it has nice, intimate setting. Where I was sitting, you can look down and get a close look at the band on stage. The place was full, but not packed, with 300 plus people. There were some very enthusiastic fans in the front rows. Expect more pictures from Rupert.

    There were enthusiastic people with me up in the gallery as well: Delightful Tammi and her friends to my left and a nice guy, Bruce, to my right who came from Eau Claire. Bruce gave me some photos from the 2001 tour. (Thanks, Bruce!) I’ll scan them ASAP and send them to Ed.

    To top everything off, I ended up staying at the same hotel where The Fixx stayed. I was lucky enough to say hi and exchange a few words with most the guys.

    From what I gathered, talking to various people, the band had an acoustical set to do for Best Buy execs on Wednesday and then caught a plane to California.

    Interesting thing during the show...I thought I heard the words “same sex marriages” come out of Cy’s mouth while he was introducing “Fatal Shore”. (Or was it “Secret Separation”?) Sure enough…there was the story on the MA court ruling in the paper the next day. Don't know all what Cy had to say. If anyone has more to add, it would be appreciated.

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    I was one of the ultra-enthusiastic people up front... great show...

    I believe it was during the intro to Secret Separation, where he commented on couples in the house.. He made reference to a guy and girl couple, then quickly added the same sex reference... mentioning that it didn't matter... the song was for ALL the couples in the house...

    I agree that the show was great. I was especially suprised at how vocal and completely appreciative the crowd was.
    I do however, have to disagree with 2 points in your post

    1) The sound in the Fine Line is great, but it is horrible for rock shows.. the venue needs to stick to folky type "mellow" shows and leave the rock shows to a venue that's not afraid to use the volume button.

    2) The Phones were the worst!!!! Yikes, they were bad!!! The general style of their music is commendable, but the lyrics and performance were beyond gawd-awful!!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

    Also, it was nice to see such an great response to the new songs!!!

    great, great, great show!!

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    No Lighthouse here? Did you forget that song?

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    They replaced "Lighthouse" with "Less Cities". See the "California" thread started by thefixxdotcom.

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    I wish that one fo these days the Fixx will do all of thier greatest and latest tunes in one show... It would be awesome and a once in a lifetime opportunity...


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    Smile I was there too!

    I, too, was one of the ultra enthusiastic people in the front! What a fantastic show. Cy looks amazing!


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