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Thread: Fixx poster in Propaganda picture

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    Fixx poster in Propaganda picture

    Forgot I had this one. It's a picture of Claudia Brucken and Suzanne Freytag, from the German synthpop band Propaganda (Don't know if y'all have heard of them, but they released a fantastic album in 1985 titled A Secret Wish). This picture would've been taken sometime in late 1985 or early 1986, so the Fixx poster in the background is possibly a tour poster for Walkabout, or an old Phantoms poster. Have a peek:

    Anyone recognize that poster (or own it, for that matter)?


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    the other jim

    "perhaps the dream is dreaming us"

    you're freaking me out. that is one of my favorite "soul cages" lyrics. we are twins.

    bye jim,


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    Not to turn this into a Sting thread, but..

    ..yeah, that's one of my favorite lyrics from that album, too. The Soul Cages continues to be my favorite Sting album. Solid from start-to-finish. I can't say the same for his last THREE solo albums (the last two actually make Mercury Falling sound better). Maybe I just liked the sound he had from 85-90. Bring back Branford, I say. Oh yeah, this is a Fixx board.....

    Jim 2

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    This is my first post and it's not really about the Fixx... sorry...

    but I had to add that I am too a huge Police/Sting fan (I have all of their/his albums), and after only liking maybe 3 or 4 songs on Brand New Day I was so disappointed in his new album - in fact I only listened to it all the way through once. Of course, Want That Life came out the week before Sting's album and was constantly occupying the CD player so maybe I didn't give it a fair shake

    That was fun to post... I've been reading this board for a long time but just signed up the other day - had to get in on the action!
    "... the nighttime falls around our bed, in peace we sleep entwined, and your love flows through me, though an ocean soothes my head, I burn for you..."

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    Welcome to the board!

    I know what you mean about Sacred Love. I gave it two chances, and it was more painful to listen to the second time around. I knew trouble was brewing when I saw Gordon in that AOL commercial. Ugh.

    So, what's your favorite Fixx song, album, video, concert memory, etc.?!


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    Whew! Well, let me think for a minute…

    Song- So hard to choose… I tend to go through phases… but I think my most consistently favorite song is Sunshine in the Shade. A shortie but a goodie! It was so great to hear them play it in concert when I saw them in November…a very nice surprise, I think it was the first time I’d heard it live in person.

    Album- Again, I go through phases… but if I could pick my all time top 3 maybe it would be Reach the Beach, Phantoms, and Elemental. Ask me again later – the answer might change

    Video- Unfortunately I haven’t seen all of them… I own in some form or other Stand or Fall, OTLTA, Saved by Zero and Are We Ourselves?… geez is that it? LET’S GET THAT DVD VIDEO COLLECTION RELEASED ASAP!!! Sorry, I digress… I vaguely remember seeing a video for Sign of Fire… and I just saw How Much Is Enough for the first time the other day after reading here on the boards that they had it at Launch… don’t know why I never thought to look there before! As for a favorite, since I haven’t seen them all… maybe I’d just say Saved by Zero – it’s such an 80’s video and I can’t help it, I’m an 80’s girl!

    Concert memory –I saw them for the first time in May 1991 on their Ink tour at the Vic Theater in Chicago… it was my first concert in a small setting (not a huge arena) so I was shocked to see Cy, Jamie, Adam etc. waltzing back and forth out the front doors of the theater to their bus parked on the street as we waited in line! Then after the show I got my t-shirt signed by all the boys – never wore it, still have it. That was also the only show I saw where Dan K. Brown played bass – and I loved how when he played he was practically motionless under that hat! Since then I’ve seen them many times – at the House of Blues, at outdoor festivals, at pubs… and loved every second of every show… but that memory is probably the best one.

    How's that?
    "... the nighttime falls around our bed, in peace we sleep entwined, and your love flows through me, though an ocean soothes my head, I burn for you..."

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