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Thread: Just an idea

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    Just an idea

    Well i was thinking the other day... What if the Fixx put together a little DVD named something related to The Fixx and then there would be like interviews, concerts, pictures, music videos, etc.... well it was just an idea, what do you guys think any suggestions???? Maybe even us as fans could put one together....


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    I think that would be called a BOOTLEG! I'm sure there would be many copyright laws broken.
    Aren't they working on getting out some DVD this year?
    I like the Woodlands 5.1, even though it's just still pictures.

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    I know everyone wants the promo videos on DVD really bad - I'm right there with the rest of you. My advice would be to close your eyes, cross your fingers, click your heels, and repeat "there's no place like 2004, there's no place like 2004, there's no place.."

    ..and that's all I have to say about it

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