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Thread: Incredible Show!

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    Smile Incredible Show!

    Just saw THE FIXX in Folsom, California! 20 years later and they're better than ever! Saw them in 1984, Oswego, New York. WOW! New album sounds like it will be a hit. Why such a small venue? The Powerhouse Pub was 100% packed but only holds a few hundred people??? You guys sound incredible! VERY tight! See you in Santa Cruz!


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    Well Welcome to the board, hope you stay around and post


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    We need set lists!
    I think they are still digging the set they worked with during their last trek.
    Send in photos, too! We'll get them on the Tour Page Galleries asap.

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    hey mmorotti....

    See my post on getting the fixx to come BACK to OZwego! for the legendary oswego harborfest...

    2004-1984= 20 years WOW!

    i was right in front of JWO at that show... and i think i still have my friend Nick's girlfriends "clawmarks" (long fingernails!) in my back from her trying to get closer to the boys! LOL! darn the 80's girls w/ big hair!

    It was Dec 01,1984 and the utica show was postponed a week cause Cy voice gave in during the snowy upstate season and was held on Dec 9th... my birthday! that's how i remember so well.... oh and i have the ticket stubs somewhere too...

    "There can be no tradition without innovation."
    - Earle Hitchner, Irish music journalist

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