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Thread: The Unofficial Fixxture Of The Month Award

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    Congratulations (and for being a good friend too)!

    And I say we nominate rockerchic for the summer months for all her work with Love, Hope, Strength - we got to know the organization the boys would soon be working with!
    Maybe on course to the best yet!

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    Smile Thanks Carrie!

    Thanks for your vote, it made my day! I have not been posting much but I have been dropping by daily. Too much drama on the homefront these days and it has kept me busy! I also got myself wrapped up in school projects too. We are making like a mini Epcot Center for heritage night and I got nominated to do Ireland. My first choices were England and Wales ( gee I wonder why???), but we have to partner up with others and no one came forth for that. When I was leaving the meeting, a woman pleaded with me to help her with Ireland. Well I guess I could as it would make the Irish side proud! Dear ol' Grandpa- in-law would be beaming with pride!
    I love how the guys are doing at Everest! They seem to be keeping everyone's spirits uplifted. In regards to Everest, funny answer by Jamie about being English! It must be true as that is part of my heritage and I have rarely seen my dad cry!
    Hope all is well here with everyone!

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    I raise my root beer to salute Our Lovelie Queen:

    And another one for Our Rockin' Rockerchic!!

    I don't "go through channels." I dig my own....

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    Cool Thanks Shoeman!

    I also say we should not forget all my sponsors, as well as 45rpm, and Katrina for Love, Hope, Strength as they were all very instrumental in being a large part of the worthy fundraising, record breaking, and soon to be world renowned event and charity! In my book you are all stars!

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    Thanks rockerchic that is lovely xxxx

    Its a pleasure and a humble honour to be involved in the love hope strength foundation in uk.

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