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Thread: The Portraits - Questions ?

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    Question The Portraits - Questions ?

    I wonder if there is somebody out there who can help me out with some questions I have about The Portraits?

    Discography ?
    Members ?
    Producer ?
    For how long did they exist ?

    Thanks in advance...
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    Heres what Artist Direct has to say about the portraits....

    "Forming in London in 1980, school mates, Cy Curnin (December 13, 1957, guitar and vocals) and Adam Woods (April 8, 1953, drums) decided they would pursue music as a full time career. The duo placed an ad for members to flesh out their band, and found Rupert Greenhall (March 30, 1950, keyboards) and Charlie Barratt (bass). The group released a single on February 29, 1980 for Ariola records entitled, "Hazards In The Home," b-sided with "Never Let Go" and was credited to The Portraits. On March 31, 1980 Adam Sweeting of NME (New Musical Express) gave an unflattering review of The Portraits performance at The Marquee. "'The Portraits' whole approach appears to have been designed from the outside. Singer Cy Curnin sported some far from subtle eye make-up under his pretty haircut. He has an adequate voice and looks cute. None of this cuts any ice. His singing is generally melodramatic and unconvincing and thus perfectly suited to the band's material...'The Portraits' don't seem to have their heart in what they are doing." By the end of 1980, with a fuller lineup that included session player James West-Oram (February 19, 1954, guitar) they changed their name from The Portraits to The Fix and on November 15 they appeared on the 101 Club's (Polydor) LP with a live version of their song Lost Planes."

    Dear Mr. Sweeting of NME,
    Heres a wet raspberry just for you....... blaaapppptttt

    In case you or anyone else hasnt seen a picture of the Portraits heres a link to a shot in the Sound Archive.....

    They are so young looking there.... the word that comes to mind every time I see that shot is peachfuzz.


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    Wow! Octo! Thanks for posting that. I even forgot I had an image up on Sight N Sound of them.

    Let see, who is who now?
    Rupert is obvious in his youth and looks like Jim Carrey from Dumb & Dumber .
    Adam is easy to spot on the far right.
    Is Cy the one bent over that looks like the Funniest Home Videos guy Bob Sagget?

    And who is the cool lookin' dude in the middle? Is that Charlie or Jamie? I'm not sure which one it is but he reminds me of the guy who played Mark Ratner (RAT) on Fast Times at Ridgemont High.


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    Awww, I can't believe no one hasn't noticed Adam's resemblence in that photo to the legendary Benny Hill... I can see the raised eyebrow going up and down!!! maybe he slaps C Tait's head like the old bald guy from the tv series... Just kiddin Chris! LOL... i mean bus *****! LOL!

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    A guy from England recently posted on the site that he was selling off his Fixx collection on eBay. I was lucky enough to score three things from him: The "101 Live Letters" LP with 3 songs from The Fix (and "Huang Chung," whom everybody knows went on to become Wang Chung), and the two singles from The Portraits: "Hazards In The Home" and "Little Women" (on red vinyl). The songs are great! Sure, they sound dated as all hell, but what a great piece of history these things are!

    I've read various bios/reports that list "Hazards In The Home" being their first single, but the selection # on "Little Women" is a lower number, and it lists a copyright date of 1979. "Hazards In The Home" has a higher selection #, and a copyright date of 1980.

    I'm going to London in November - there's a big record convention at Wembley - I hope I find some more Fixx goodies!

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    Pleasey please please please ...

    If anybody here has the Image From "Hazards In The Home "
    Please Please post it .
    Some folks I know have started their own production co. and the Image created by my pal is so flippen close to that RED BLACK-N-WHITE one that I so have to show him just how close it is.
    So please please stick up a pic. I am begging anyone here !


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    Guitarist on the left of photo is Tony McGrail

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    Yeah !
    I appreciate that so so so Very much !
    I thought It would take forever and much begging.

    I called Times 0ut !

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