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Thread: How long have you been listening to the Fixx

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    Jul 2007
    Upstate NY
    Since 1983 when Reach the Beach came out. Been a fan ever since...

    Became fanatical about them when I finally saw them live on the Want That Life tour.

    It takes more than a full tank of gas to drive away from the past...

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    Jun 2006
    "Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circum spice"
    I first heard them early 80s with One Thing - probably enjoyed their other hits without making much more of them than the usual other chart hits til I got lost in a 'christian' fog in the late 80s. (I still usually don't know who sings a song I like -- other than the Fixx of course!) My husband has followed them religiously since the early days, however (they've had a great influence on his own music, and continue to be so), and he reintroduced me to them 2 years ago. WOW!! If I'd only known what I was missing all those years!!! I can't begin say how they've touched my life since

    <<--- as you can see!

    they actually have something meaningful and relevant to say...and the music is so SO very sensual!!

    and especially recently -- Sense the Adventure (I could listen to just the drums in that one for a really really long long time...they get me GOING) really hit me in the gut one day, and I "let the pagan out" in that I've been soul/spirit-searching since then, and decided that I will decide what I believe without having any group tell me what I 'should' believe.

    I do believe there is a higher being...but whether he/she/they is/are how we came into being I haven't decided yet how I look at that. I don't think I believe in the Big Bang, though. Beyond that, many many things are possible, and I'm going to be doing aLOT of exploring!!

    I guess that was alot more info than just how long I've been listening, huh? But when the spirit moves, gotta do what you're told...

    Explain the cosmic forces to me.....

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    Mar 2007
    Liverpool, New York, USA
    Best wishes with your spritual search, TatGirl; may it bring you enlightenment! The Fixx have been helpful to me in much of this area, especially in regards to having faith that the Flow will bring you to where you need to be to fulfill your destiny. I know what you mean about finding your own way...I'm a religious person, and yet, the way I perceive and worship God is so different from most people that I feel both connected (through God) and isolated from other people (through opinions about God) at the same time!

    Personally, I get a lot of insight and inspiration from thinking about space and the workings of the universe (darn, there's a quote I forgot for the quote thread - "The greater your perspective outward is, the greater your persective inward will be". -Astronaut Story Musgrave). I also had a near-death experience that was spiritual in nature, but how much of that was God, and how much me, I'm not sure. But it meant a lot.

    Maybe on course to the best yet!

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    Mar 2000
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Permanent Fixxture since Shuttered Room! I remember turning on the music video shows, hoping to catch "Stand or Fall"... Bought the LP and the cassette, when the cassette wore out I'd buy another... Every new album that came out, I would buy the LP as well as the cassette, and I'd hunt around for the 12" singles and 45's...

    When CD's came out, I had to concentrate on those as well as the other media formats! So, I have more than a few duplicates of some of the albums...

    Can't get enough of the Fixx sound. I was crushed when they went on hiatus, but was really pumped when I found an online Fixx presence in -- what was it, 1998?

    The Fixx visited Winnipeg (where I live, and have all my life) 3 times in my youth -- all three times, I didn't have money to go to the shows. A friend of mine was able to go to the Phantoms tour, and gave me his ticket stub -- which I placed in the frame with my autographed picture of the band... Not quite the same as being there, but it was better than nothing! I bought the "Fixx Live in the USA" VHS tape -- it was backordered for 6 months...! I was extremely happy when I got it in the mail... I saw what I had missed at the Phantoms concert, and I could watch it over and over!!

    The only time I saw them live was in 2004, at the Taste of Minnesota festival; we made the trip (8-hour drive) to Minny to see the band (my #1 priority!) and to visit Mall of America (my wife and kids' priority -- although they loved the concert too! My wife's photos are posted on for that concert). It was an outdoor concert, and it was raining -- so the guys didn't stick around afterwards... I did see their tour bus in our hotel parking lot, though, after the show!

    The Fixx has to come back to Winnipeg -- one show is all I ask! I'm not greedy...

    "Out there, there must be aliens
    Who donít believe in aliens
    Somewhere. Believe"
    -Cy Curnin, "We Might Find It" (The Returning Sun)

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    Jul 2007
    I've been listening to The Fixx ever since age 9 and I'm 18 now. My parents played a lot of the eighties when I was a kid so I became hooked! My mom played the Phantoms cassete a lot during my childhood and ever since, I've been a huge Fixx fan! I remember during my sophomore year of high school, my history teacher played the Stand or Fall video in class and I was the only kid in there that knew the song and the video! My teacher was amazed and all the kids in the class were staring at me because I was the only one singing ( haha)!

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    Mar 2008
    I became an instant fan when I saw the video Stand or Fall on MTV. 1981-82? (I always thought it was 1981 but I don't know the exact year.) I ran out and bought the album!

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    1981 in Los Angeles listening to KROQ and the song was Stand or Fall. There was The Fixx, Ultravox, DEVO, Yello, Talk Talk, Dolby, Shriekback and others that were IMO on the same musical/sound level as the earlier Space/Psych/Prog Rock except more accessible. The Fixx were unique in that they did not sound like anyone else up to that point.

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    Jan 2006
    Riverside, CA, USA
    I've been a fan since I was 17! I'd heard songs like "One Thing Leads to Another" and "Are We Ourselves?," but what really got me hooked was the Shuttered Room version of "Red Skies"! From there, I was hooked!

    Got me through some tough times senior year of high school...

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    May 2006
    Wheaton, IL
    i lived in a very small farming town in north central IL. there was a Ben Franklin five-and-dime store in town, and not much else, really. they carried a handful of vinyl albums in the same aisle with chewing gum, breath mints, and baseball cards. it was usually only the poppiest of pop the day had to offer, and the albums would get returned if they didn't sell. one day, i saw a copy of Reach the Beach on the rack that I stared at for weeks. i knew Red Skies from the Rockford radio station WYFE. i skipped lunch at school until i had saved enough money to buy the album. i found something to love in every single song. i picked up Shuttered Room not long after, and since then have gotten every Fixx release as it has come out.

    In 1998, brought that RtB vinyl sleeve to an Elemental show and the guys signed it.

    Last night, Dan Brown signed my Phantoms vinyl sleeve, which was the Very Coolest Thing Ever as far as I'm concerned. Today, it's back in its frame and hanging over the mixing desk in my studio. Dan's rumbly and nimble bass is currently coloring "Phantom Living" as I type ...

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    Sep 2005
    Red Skies at Night did it for me

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    May 2008
    buffalo. n.y.
    i too have been a fan since stand or fall on mtv that was when mtv played great videos like the fixx and a-ha etc. now i won't even put mtv on lol i do watch vh-1 once in a while though but i have loved the fixx music for over 20 years now and there is one radio station here called jack fm that plays their music all the time which is great!!! dee

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