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Thread: How long have you been listening to the Fixx

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    Sep 2002
    Tonawanda, NY
    Yea, "Stand or Fall" was the first one I ever heard. Definitely was my favorite back then, but I didn't buy the album until later on. Guess that makes me a listener for 22 years. RTB was my first album, then Phantoms. Saw the Phantoms tour here in Western NY at Darien Lake Amphitheater. in 1984. It left a lasting impression on all of us. Bought Calm Animals when it came out, but didn't like it. Stopped listening for a long time, but never forgot. Purchased all the CD's a few years ago. Calm Animals has now become one of my favorites.


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    May 2003
    Oddly, enough, as soon as a new album came out, I bought it--then I had to rebuy cassettes, now CDs. I have three different copies of RTB. Would love to see Walkabout re-issued--my CD has a nasty skip on it!

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    Tonawanda, NY
    Reach the Beach was the first album that really made an impression on me and I will always remember the videos for OTLTO and SBZ. Can't believe that its been over twenty years and for me they are better than ever! Go see them if you get the chance, you won't regret it.

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    First time I heard the fixx was in winter 1982/83 at the age of 13. I recorded "Stand or Fall" from the radio and I remember that I stopped my cassette-recorder to early because I thought the track ended. Missesd the last 30 seconds... Some weeks later I went to a record-store to buy shutterd room and was lucky, because it was exactly the day "Reach the Beach" was released. So I bought both records and never stopped listening to the Fixx.

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    May 2004
    Officailly '83 when I purchased RtB.....liked the '82 videos too when they 1st played.......Saw them in '84 RtB Tour.....wish I bought a shirt.........catching up on the Fixx these music sucked when and ever since Nirvana and Peral Jam started.....

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    Jun 2001
    I heard them for the first time in '82 on the radio with Stand or Fall being the first song. Bought a cassette of Reach the Beach the following year and have been hooked ever since. So, it's been over twenty years for me....egads. Hope to still be listening for a long time to come.
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    Since 1983.

    Hence "More Than 20 Years."

    Yes, I will always remember the SBZ video too, BuffaloGal.
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    Mar 2000
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    Since the tender age of 10 when I got Reach the Beach for Christmas on cassette. Then I had to wait 6 years to finally see them in concert for the first time in Norfolk, Va. I'm gonna be 34 next month so I'm included in the 20+ years vote.

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    I had a tough time knowing how to answer this one...I loved all the Fixx songs I heard and saw videos of in the 80's, but was too young to buy any albums. I lost track of them after that, though I did put OTLTA on a mix tape I made from a lot of my friend's albums. I also used to hear a muzak version of SBZ at my old job, but couldn't think of the name of the song or who it was by (it had no vocals), just that it was a song I once loved. I discovered who it was years later, but still didn't fully rediscover the Fixx. That came a few months ago when I was looking to buy some albums from bands I had loved in my childhood, and ended up settling on the Fixx. Boy, am I glad I did. When I started listening to all the other songs, I discovered I did know Driven Out from somewhere, though to this day I can't be sure where. I think they must have played it on our music at work (which does play the real songs).

    So, I said I've only been listening to the Fixx for less than a year, but that's not entirely true. It's how long I feel I've been a serious fan, though (well, I suppose I can't call myself a serious fan till I've been to a show, but hopefully I can rectify that in July).
    Maybe on course to the best yet!

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    I enjoy reading how young some of you people were when your turned on to The Fixx. When I was a pre-teen, I liked The Monkees. As a teenager, it was Chicago. I was over 25 when I found The Fixx. And more than twenty years later, I still like them.

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    Oct 2005
    buffalo, new york
    i would say at least 22 years for me too stand or fall was my first song i heard and saved by zero which are both two of my favorites still dee

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    Jun 2003
    Kankakee, Illinois
    dang, the first thing I saw I was a pebble! I think it was "stand or fall"! so that would put me @the 25? year mark?!
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    I'm kinda the same as most of you have already pointed out here. I first heard about The Fixx when they played the song, "Stand Or Fall", that night on an adult oriented rock station where I live, back in 1982. I was with my nephew at the time listening to it on the radio. He thought it was weird stuff but I fell in love with it and bought the album "Shuttered Room" the very next day. It was still LP then at the time. Then when the record companies converted to cd, I converted myself as well. That's my story. So yes I have been a fan for 25 years now I would say. I can't believe it's been that long since they started. Wow time sure goes fast when you get older, doesn't it? *Sighs*
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    Jul 2007
    Long Beach, CA

    fan since day 1

    Became a fan of The Fixx the first time I saw the Red Skies video on MTV way back in the day. I even covered that song in a band I played in my senior year of high school. The band was called, Juno 60, after our keyboard. Pretty 80s, huh? I had the privilege to see the Fixx with Berlin, Thompson Twins and The Police at Hollywood Park here in L.A. Back stage passes and all! Great night.

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    The first time i heard a fixx song & where i could identify the artist was when a radio dj announced & identified a fixx song on the radio which was the fixx's stand or fall during summer 1986 -early fall of 1986. i was in the navy during the mid 1980s and couldn't follow everything in music that wasn't on top 40 radio stations

    their 1991 hit "how much is enough" was another great song that caught my attention and then after hearing them on retro stations i decided to buy some of their cds and then i realized how good they really were.

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