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Thread: Fixx Flyer for Phoenix

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    Fixx Flyer for Phoenix

    Ok, I was disappointed to not see any 'visual' form of advertising for tomorrow night's Phoenix show (not even an ad in the New Times, hmm), so I designed my own. It's actually my desktop wallpaper at work right now, so I'm doing a little bit of advertising

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    Very nice! I only wish I was going...


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    new to the board but I might make it to the Phx show tonight.

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    Wish I would have seen that sooner!
    Should have printed a few up and distributed them around town.
    Zia would probably have put them up.

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    wow, that is very cool 1002, Indian School Road, I remember that throughfare, ive been to Phoenix, more than once, long time ago for work, i recall mountains that looked like they got dabbed on the earth from an aerosol can.

    one of my fonder memories of AZ was the last part of a drive from flagstaff to Sedona <sp?>, i really didnt know what to expect on the trip and i had my girlfriend at the time with me, we drove south on the interstate until we got to the exit, then there was another road south that went for aways until Sedona, let me tell you, that road was through some absolutely beautiful country, I'll never forget it, a truly wonderous drive it was.

    sorry for bandwagonning a bit, have a good time!
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    Sedona is definitely beautiful country, and not what many people's idea of Arizona might be. It is getting a bit commercialized these days, but what town isn't, right?

    Here's what happens when it's slow at work on a Wednesday:

    Oh yeah, I'm in Fixx mode today.


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    They both look great! Hope the gig is fabulous tonight!

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    wow again, nice color balance, are you using photoshop?

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    Yes, Photoshop IS, after all, man's best friend.


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