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Thread: What Can We Do To Promote The Fixx?

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    Another--subtle--promo idea is to put some sort of promo link in your signature file. Depends on how you do it, but as an example I hang out on guitar websites, talking shop with everyone, not bugging them to visit my site. In my signature (which is below, I think) I mention how there are virtual band jam tracks at my site. Within a couple months of NOT promoting I noticed the hits & downloads on my site double. Then all these guitar players started emailing, asking if I had anymore tracks!

    The trick is to hang at an active site where there's a subject being discussed that interests you. People appreciate the chat, notice The Fixx link in your sig and inevitably click on it.
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    I really like that approach! I'm trying to get my site back up (the domain name lapsed)...and then I want to put Fixx stuff on there as well. I totally don't remember how to manage the site but if I can find my notes, I'll be gettin' busy.
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