Fellow Fixxtures:

There is a new Fixx CD.
It's called Stage One

It was recorded LIVE at Charlie Barrett's rehersal studio called Terminal. Stage One is the band rehershal sessions for the Want That Life tour.

Stage One is produced by The Fixx and Martin Rex.

The track listing is...
All Is Fair
How Much Is Enough
Are You Satisified
Driven Out
Sunshine In The Shade
Woman On A Train
Secret Separation
Fatal Shore (this absolutely shreads!)
Lost Planes
No Hollywood Ending
Stand or Fall
Less Cities, More Moving People
Are We Ourselves?
Deeper & Deeper
Red Skies

Stage One is available at live shows for $20. Might be limited run. Better get 'em while you can.

I'll talk to thefixxdotcom later today about setting up a way to supply you folks that can't make it to a show. more on that later