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Thread: New Fixx CD - Stage One

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    Cool Stage One

    I would really love to get a copy of Stage One to go in Fixx my collection. If anyone has a spare copy I would love to trade an original copy of the Happy Landings 5 track EP. Quite rare these days. Let me know.

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    There are still a few left for sale. Get on over to the show on 3-11-2005 at BB Kings at Universal City and pick one up.

    It's well worth it.

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    Nice to meet you!!! Welcome Jeanne

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    It appeared quite a few were bought at the Minneapolis show. Sure glad I had that extra $20.00 with me. The cd is worth every penny. The Fixx live is just another dimension beyond the 80s videos.

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    Yes, there were some of Stage One still available here in Iowa too. It is well worth the $20 to get it. Also, while I'm at it, welcome aboard Pumpgoddess! Hope your time here is enjoyable!!

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    Copy of Stage Two, in exchange for copy of Stage One?

    I have an original Stage Two DVD bought at the show a few years ago at the Hollywood Bowl.

    I never heard about Stage One until I asked about the Stage Two DVD. Obviously, they said there were no more Stage One CDs left.

    So, I'm hoping to trade a copy of the DVD in exchange for a copy of the CD, since both are no longer available?

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    stage one

    ck. you pm's

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    I seem to have lost my copy from a few years back, it was totally worth the $20 at the time, so I'd be willing to buy a copy if anyone has one to spare.


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    Hard one to find

    Quote Originally Posted by qwest1 View Post
    I seem to have lost my copy from a few years back, it was totally worth the $20 at the time, so I'd be willing to buy a copy if anyone has one to spare.

    I don't think you will be able to find one. But if you would like mp3's of it
    I would gladly send them to you, just
    need your email address, pm me it.

    "your armor is love"

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