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Thread: leave it to the experts..

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    leave it to the experts..

    ..a sure way to get it bass-ackwards

    looking at some of the pages put up promoting these different festivals n' stuff the boys are playing it appears some people dont do much fact-finding when offering up the bands bio

    on some of these sites there is no mention of a new record by the FIXX, and its not always just left out, sometimes it's just plain wrong, referring to 1999's 1011 Woodland, or maybe Elemental as the last record, one even says Ink was the last release. I mean, if the promotional site is gonna bother putting up a short bio, than why not make it an accurate and/or current one? Some pages promote the band with songs like Secret Separation or Stand Or Fall, but then theres no mention of the song that they should mention, OTLTA .. the one most likely kick in the "oh ya .. I know those guys" factor.

    I dont have a clue about the music promo biz myself, but I have to ask .. does the bands management provide the people promoting these shows with some sort of standard promo info?

    plus .. was there ever a single released from WTL?

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    I wonder stuff like this too, Octo. I noticed in the blurb that was being used to promote the show at 19 Broadway, that the bass player is still listed as Dan Brown. Well, that was ages ago since he stopped working with the Fixx, and Gary looks like he's going to stick (and bravo to that - love what he brings to the band). Gotta wonder where all this stuff comes from...

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