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Thread: I AM a house ***** today

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    I AM a house ***** today

    my wife just left for work...

    ... and I'll be sitting here today going from one career page to another, the endless quest for anyone to give a damn about giving this poor loser a job

    today I'll also be vacuaming, doing the dishes, feeding the cats, etc. etc. ..... my wife says Im her house *****, and Im not denying it real hard

    just now she sat 2 baskets of laundry down, all sorted with post-it notes on top with explicit instructions..

    .. ya see last week I kinda took it upon myself to "help" with the laundry and half the load kinda turned pink

    cool water low heat for colors
    warm water high heat for non-colors

    ok ok I got it now .. hey I was a bachleor for 40 years, ya cant expect me to be a good ***** right away

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    Poor Octo!!! But hey, I know lotsa folks on the skids, so take heart and buck up, little trouper! The day you know you need a job is when you begin to LOVE DOING HOUSEWORK!!!!!

    That is a situation I find frightening . . . and the first time I did laundry, I faded my cousin's black paiisley printed shirt brown and her gray corduroys lilac!

    don't ask how . . . roflmfao! I'd hire you if you lived in Illinois . . . think you would be rather resourceful!
    "Even the devil may cry when he looks around Hell and realizes that he is all alone"

    Acheron Parthenopaeus

    (Sherrilyn Kenyon, Devil May Cry)

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    Wink Okay V-man

    Hello Octo,

    Enjoy it while you can! Do a good job so she doesn't care if you stay home. And borrow some pills from your friend every now and than and don't admit you used them.

    Next thing you know you'll be on easy street. Send her flowers to work. Women love that especially if she is in an office environment.

    Good Luck Octo...Keep on pulsing,


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    Smile The Answer To Your Question...


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    I screwed it up, I got the drier settings backwards

    I shrunk one of her blouses

    I can tear a PC apart and put it back together blindfolded, but dont ask me to push the correct button on a drier!

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    Big Big smiles ! It is finally raining here.
    It started at 5:30 this morning.. major thunder type storm.
    I'm so happy ! It is so beautiful.. I'm surrounded by huge dark mountians house sitting for my brother and it started storming.. how flippen cool !
    I'm feeling plucky so ah, I thought it would be fun to post this. I get free long distance while I'm here this week ... and I thought it might be nice to actually TALK to .. well anyone here really that thinks it could be funny. I'll just be lounging about diddling on the computer here and such.. no real agenda.
    I called Times 0ut !

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