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Thread: Hotel Internet hook-ups

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    Hotel Internet hook-ups

    This weekend I was in Lombard Illinois at the Comfort Suites. They had a free internet connected computer in the lobby for the guests. Lots of people checking e-mail, Yahoo, etc.

    I got to work. I went to the site and put it in the list of internet favorites and made a shortcut on the desktop (with the big e icon). Now hopefully everytime anyone goes on there they may click the Fixx button to launch Internet Explorer and go directly to the Fixx web site.

    Every time I walked past the computer over the weekend I clicked on the Fixx shortcut to send the screen to the site. I noticed several people who took a peek at it from my vantage point in the hot tub.

    For the final gravy, I went into the MY COMPUTER icon, then CONTROL PANEL, then DISPLAY, and clicked on screensaver. Clicking on marquee, I set the screensaver marquee to scroll the following message " Live -Saturday, August 28th, Kokomo, Indiana- World's best live band - THE FIXX". I set the screensaver to kick in after 2 minutes, and just like magic. FREE FIXX advertising.

    Every person coming in the hotel walks right past the computer, and I made sure that the FIXX dominated the screen for most of the weekend. It was a big sacrifice, as I had to spend hours in the pool and hot tub just to make sure it go reset if someone used the computer. But I was willing to make that sacrifice for the band.

    Using technology to our advantage at hotels all across America, Jim from Wisconsin
    I'm drivin' in my car, I used to be able to walk this far

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    Great job Jim... These are the kinds of things that us as street teamers need to do .... Keep up the good work...


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