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Thread: Happy Landings and Lost Tracks

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    Happy Landings and Lost Tracks

    After buying this CD in the US on my honeymoon last year I listened to it a couple of times and thought it was pretty average.
    it's a great little CD,there are a couple of tracks that don't do it for me but songs like;

    Going Without
    Ocean Blue

    Just get better everytime I hear them.
    In fact these songs are better than 98% of current crap on the radio.

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    I could never get into Modern World, Elected or Freeman. Mayfly was the surprise of the CD - I love that track. The alternate versions are cool. Kinda weird to hear a completely different set of lyrics for 2DV, knowing they would be re-written for the music (unless he had multiple sets of lyrics to work with from the beginning).


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    I just got back from Steve's sound archive.. ( way cool & thanks for keeping it accessible ! )... and finally gave 'Freeman' a listen to.
    I really like it.
    It's so rich it puts an entire movie in my head..
    I have SUCH an over active imagination...
    I L0VE it !

    You know what they say, life can be so much stranger than fiction.
    And at times even more difficult to believe...

    I called Times 0ut !

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    Hi 1002 ,
    FYI these versions were recorded before Elemental so are in fact the original lyrics .

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    Very cool, thanks for the info Martin. The original 2DV reminds me of the 'alternate' version of Saved By Zero - different lyrics that just didn't seem to sync well with the music. Cool that we get to hear the original recordings.


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    I love "Freeman" too - almost doesn't seem like a Fixx song...

    I can't seem to locate it now, but there are two versions of this album, yes? I have the green one that is shown at, but I know I've seen an orange version that has an additional track.

    Or am I thinking of Missing Links? Doh..

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