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Thread: Jamie's Guitar for sale!

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    Jamie's Guitar for sale!

    Jamie's put one of his guitars on eBay! I desperately want to get it cos I'm a guitarist and obviously a big fan but I've got no way of paying for it on eBay so I thought another fixxture ought to buy it-someone who'll love it. So I thought the fixx forums should know about it...Good luck.

    ps he's giving away free guest passes with it as well!

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    Playing like JWO

    I'm only bidding if it includes lessons on how to play like JWO. That would be priceless.
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    Well I don't know about lessons but...

    directly from the listing itself:

    "I will be happy to sign the guitar if requested. Also I can arrange free passes for the buyer plus a guest to a Fixx show. Happy bidding! Cheers! Jamie W-O"
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    From Jamie

    Jamie called from Virginia where he said it's raining on today's gig! He wanted to tell me to let fans know he is selling his guitar and I told him "they already know, the buggers. They find everything before we do!" He laughed.
    I told him it's being talked about on the Forum and he said that's great, because he would certainly like a fan to get it.

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